The 19-year-old actress is the brand ambassador for Coach's new fragrance

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated January 13, 2021 03:42 PM
Credit: Steven Meisel

Chloë Grace Moretz recently made headlines after announcing she was pulling the plug on some of her upcoming films, but in the latest issue of People, the 19-year-old is setting the record straight once and for all: She’s not quitting her day job. In fact, she’s doing quite the opposite, as she’s just been tapped as the gorgeous face of Coach’s new fragrance, and we’ve got all of the details.

The Americana fashion label is refreshing its fragrance portfolio this fall with a brand-new scent, Coach Eau de Parfum, and Moretz fronts its latest campaign, in a series of black-and-white images shot by renowned photographer Steven Meisel.

For Moretz, working with Meisel was a career feat. “I was really nervous because Steven doesn’t like to shoot with actors anymore. He’s really against it. So I was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s going to hate me,'” she told PeopleStyle. “But we clicked, it was a natural pairing. I really admire the man. He’s an amazing man. He’s a badass. People are afraid of artists who know what they want, but I would work with him any day.”

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And although Coach Eau de Parfum is the star’s first official foray into the fragrance world, her earliest scent memory is from a time before she was old enough to speak.

“My first fragrance that I was around was my grandmother’s, and I remember being a baby, and now every time I smell it as an adult, it brings up so much scent memory, it was beautiful,” she said. “So when I grew up, my first real scent, that my mom and I got together, was Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I was 10, 11 years old, and I was like, ‘I am feeling myself!’ And then I found the beauty in essential oils and musk and rose, and all of these different fun things.”

Both of which are heavily prominent in Coach’s new fragrance, which blends sensual, sweet and floral notes, including raspberry, pink pepper and Turkish rose, together to create Moretz’s new signature scent.

“What I think is beautiful about the Coach fragrance is that is really … I started realizing fragrance is another way to express another part of who am I and play around with myself,” Moretz told PeopleStyle. “It’s the same with fashion and with beauty. You can play around with the masks and veils you wear and figure out pieces and parts of you through that.”

And speaking of dressing up, the actress, who has been killing it on the red carpet as of late (see examples here, here and here), told PeopleStyle she loves going glam for big events.

“I never had prom when I was a kid, so it’s fun for me,” she said. “It’s fun for me to be able to play around, and again, I’m young and can get away with a lot of fun things right now, so why not?”

For more on Moretz, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

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