The 'Dancing with the Stars' pro shares style tips on the TLC show's season premiere

By Kate Hogan
Updated August 16, 2011 04:00 PM

Courtesy TLC

Cheryl Burke knows how to dance. And after spending years in the spotlight, she knows what to wear — or so she thought. It turns out even a seasoned pro could use a tip or two sometimes, and so could her assistant.

Burke and pal Jenny McCarthy surprised their assistant Becky with a makeover from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly on the long-running TLC series,
What Not to Wear
. “I fooled her,” Burke tells PEOPLE. “Becky thought she was coming with me to shoot a dance campaign. We got to New York, we’re shooting the ‘campaign,’ the cameras turn to her and Stacy and Clinton come out. She’s crying, bawling her eyes out, because she’s such a huge fan of the show.”

Becky wasn’t the most obvious candidate for WNTW, but Burke knew she could benefit from a few good shopping trips. “She has curves, but she was really hiding her body under baggy clothes,” Burke says. “She’s a super hockey fan, so she wears hockey jerseys. I was like, ‘You’re never going to meet a guy in L.A. if you’re wearing hockey jerseys.'”

Burke stayed through most of the week-long process to provide moral support for her assistant — and she ended up benefiting from it, too. “For me, I love dressing in black. I always feel comfortable wearing black, and it was nice to see color on Becky. It made me feel like I needed a little more color,” she says. “It makes you feel different, it makes you feel good.”

Watch the season premiere of What Not to Wear on TLC this Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

–Helin Jung