The music legend was not pleased with the athletic apparel purveyor
Credit: Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty

Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty

You already know that Cher is a musical living legend, a fashion icon for the ages, and an astute, if liberally biased, political commentator. But what you may not know is she’s also a Twitter phenomenon, tweeting with the alacrity and emoji-usage of a millennial, but with all the sage wisdom and advice befitting her 70 years. While the singer’s vitriol is usually reserved entirely for her social media takedown of Trump, on Monday, Cher pointed her furor in a different more athleticallyinclined direction, namely Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics.

For those not up to speed on the finer point of celebrity sartorial endeavors, Fabletics is a subscription-based provider of affordable, high quality workout gear, all designed and modeled by Kate Hudson. A service Cher clearly tried out for the first time today, tweeting, “Made mistake of going2 Fabletics. What a pain in the ass.won’t even let u see anything Till u give them ur 1st born‼️Felt I Was Being Conned”

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Cher is referring to the process of joining the site; before you can check out the merch, you must answer a lengthy list of questions about yourself including the types of sports you like to participate in, your body type, color preferences and ideal environment for performing said exercises. Apparently these questions are too personal for the original queen of spandex to answer. In any case, we think we just figured out the answer to what Cher would do if she could turn back time, if she could find a way.

JustFab’s Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, wishes Cher had a better experience and kindly responded to PeopleStyle’s request for comment.

“First of all, we love Cher! We’re so bummed she did not like our member quiz,” the told PeopleStyle exclusively. “The introductory quiz helps us better understand our customers and personalize the shopping experience. By asking shoppers for their style and size preferences, we’re able to save our customers tons of money and eliminate waste. We only produce the clothing that people want. I wish we could turn back time and explain this to Cher.”

He added that Fabletics is constantly evaluating feedback from over 1 million members.

“We regularly introduce new ways to enhance the experience of our shoppers,” he explained. “Recently we’ve expanded customer service to 24/7 support and added video in the shopping cart to further explain the membership program. We also added online cancellations to ease the process when customers change their minds about how they’d like to shop with us. We get very few complaints relative to the number of customers we have, but all complaints are upsetting to us. So we do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy.”

He also urged Cher to take another attempt at finding the right Fabletics pieces, even suggestion a shopping list for the icon including the Kerry Tank, Liza Tank, Malindi Dress, Peyton Tank, Rainforest Salar Capri and Russo Capri.

Have you tried using Fabletics? What do you think? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick