Take a look inside the star's closet

Chelsea Handler‘s closet is like the star herself — a complete mix of fun and wild things.

We know this because the comedian, 41, invited PEOPLE inside her precious closet during a shoot for a story in the latest issue — find the story inside PEOPLE’s new issue, on newsstands now! — and showed us the range of her collection of fun items, from wacky to never-worn.

Like, did you know she has a plaster mold of someone else’s breasts? “This was a gift from Ellen DeGeneres,” she says. “They’re not my boobs. They’re not that close together, or that small, as we all know.”

Or did you know she owns a seashell-encrusted bib necklace? It “is what I wear when I don’t wear anything else at my house,” she jokes. Or a set of customized day-of-the-week underwear given to her by Stella McCartney? “This one says ‘Chunk Snuggle Sunday,'” she says of the pair named after her dog.

Her workout clothes section and her sneaker wall take up the biggest real estate in the room, which includes shoes sent to her from Jessica Simpson and a precious pair of purple Nike high tops. “Once I started rapping on Snapchat, I had to rap at the Global Citizen’s Festival in New York City and I thought I needed a good solid pair of high-tops and I love them now,” she says. “I have them in like 3 different colors.”

Handler also shows off a Christian Dior dress that was sent to her (not very relatable) but that she’s never worn (very relatable). “It’s gorgeous and I’ve never worn it once, ’cause every time I put it on, either my boobs look too big or I have the arm fat,” she says. “Every time I have an event I try it on, and I’ll probably never wear it.”

And while it may seem that her endless collections of sneakers, hats and fancy dresses might take the cake for her favorite possessions in her closet, there’s one thing she loves more than anything else: Her personal bar.

“The favorite part of my closet is my refrigerator and ice drawer,” she says. “If you have a bar in your bedroom, it feels like things are going your way.”

“And I’m proud of myself,” she says, before adding with a pat on the back, “Way to go, girl.”

Watch the video for the full closet tour. For more from Handler and her exclusive new interview, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands now.