The leopard print skirt trend has become so popular, there’s an Instagram account dedicated to it

By Christina Butan
May 31, 2019 11:24 AM
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If you’ve been seeing more spots than usual this summer, you’re not alone: The leopard print midi skirt has officially become the hottest buy of the season. And everyone is wearing one, not just celebs (like Selena Gomez) and influencers — just take a look at the Instagram account @leopardmidiskirt, which documents people wearing the style out and about, for proof.

While the account only launched a week ago, the trend has actually been going on for a lot longer — this $180 silky slip leopard skirt from Australian brand Réalisation Par is considered the original piece to have launched the frenzy. As much as we love the OG, we get that you might not want to shell out over $100 to hop on the trend, and that’s where Amazon comes to the rescue. The retail giant has leopard print skirts going for just $5 (yes, seriously!) — and we’re not judging if you add it to your cart ASAP.


Buy It! iYYVV Leopard Print Skirt Black, $6.69;

The skirts we found come in a few different styles, all from the same retailer. You can take your pick from a few that look similar to the Realisation Par skirt, or try a couple that include stylish details like a thigh-high slit up the leg and a tie belt. Each skirt varies in price, starting as low as $3.99 and going up to $6.69. While there is a shipping fee, the most your total will come out to is just over $12 — which is still an absolute steal.

Keep in mind that after you complete your purchase, you might have to wait a little longer to receive it because the skirt ships from China. (But what’s an extra few days for such a low price point?) And although it hasn’t reached peak viral status on Amazon yet, there’s already a super positive review from a shopper who raved that they “love the skirt, it fits perfect, looks exactly as it should and it’s just a great light weight skirt.”

You can shop the super affordable skirts below, or check out Amazon’s entire leopard print skirt selection here. And who knows — you may just make it onto the Instagram account in one of them!


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