January 25, 2017 01:19 PM
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Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian have all been experimenting with the “less is more” beauty philosophy, leaving contouring behind for bare-faced looks. And now Helen Mirren has sounded off on the makeup-free movement, something which celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, who works with Amal Clooney, Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman, can’t get behind.

Soon after Mirren, 71, posed makeup-free for this year’s Pirelli calendar, the star told BBC that although she loves makeup, she also feels hopeful that bare faces will have a major comeback. “I think it would be wonderful if it became a fashion,” she said of no-makeup looks. “Things are always cyclical, so I suspect we might’ve reached saturation with the whole selfie thing and maybe we’re moving in another direction.”

Tilbury, on the other hand, tells the DailyMail that she’s not on the same page as Mirren. “I totally disagree with Helen. She’s absolutely wrong — completely wrong,” she shares. “Why would anyone, in a world where everyone is judged by their looks, not wear make-up?”

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But while the pro prefers a made-up face — she’s known for sleeping in her makeup every single night — she doesn’t think a full face is necessary for every day.

“I’m not saying do a full-on glamour look all the time: It can be very sophisticated and chic at the same time as being natural, like the Jennifer Aniston look,” she says.

And Kim Kardashian, a recent supporter of the no-makeup movement, trusts her judgment. While presenting Tilbury with the Makeup Artist of the Year Award in 2015, the star said of the artist, “She believes that makeup makes you feel empowered and confident. I really respect how she is so business-savvy and she’s such a good person.”

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