The acclaimed celebrity makeup artist gives her best beauty tips to look like an A-lister

By Kaitlyn Frey
October 07, 2016 11:28 AM
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In honor of the launch of her eponymous cosmetics and skincare line at Bloomingdale’s, celeb-loved makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury hosted a celebratory master class at the department store’s N.Y.C. flagship.

Around 20 attendees (myself included) got the chance to learn techniques to apply to a full-face makeup look alongside the master herself. Tilbury, who famously creates looks for the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne, debuted a city-inspired “Uptown Girl” look (sultry smoky eyes, brownish rosy lips) using all of her products, including an eye shadow palette of the same name.

“I am very inspired by New York and uptown women who are also muses of mine, like Olivia Palermo, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell,” Tilbury said.

Tilbury is beyond obsessed with makeup — she sleeps in hers every night — so spending an hour with her was more than enough time to walk away with more beauty tips than I could use in a lifetime. But I somehow was able to narrow it down to six that are worth sharing.

charlotte tilbury master class

LESSON No. 1: ‘Map’ Your Brows For a Natural Look

Tilbury likes to use her brow pencil to map out the exact points to shape eyebrows. “Nestle it right next to your nose and make a dot. That’s where you start,” she said. Then, keeping bottom of the pencil aligned with the nose, she moves it diagonally, across the eye’s pupil, to find where the arch should hit. Finally, to determine where the brow should end, she moves the pencil across to the outer corner of the eye and makes a dot there. And if you tend to be heavy-handed with the brow pencil, lighten up: “Don’t go too harsh at the beginning of the brow. Give it more depth and go darker at the arch.”

LESSON No. 2: For a Smokey Eye, Blend, Blend, Blend!

If there’s one thing Charlotte drilled into everyone’s heads by the end of her master class, it’s the importance of blending out your eye shadow. “It’s always about blending, darling. Blend, blend, blend!” she said. Especially when dipping into a smokier shade to darken a look, she suggests sweeping your blending brush “backwards and forwards very gently” in the eye’s socket.

charlotte tilbury master class

LESSON No. 3: Elongate the Eyes With Liner

Tilbury loves to extend eyeliner a bit further than the eyelid for a more feline appearance. “It always looks a little bit sexy,” she said. Using a soft brown liner, she lined the outer half of the upper lash line (staying super close to the lashes). “Then, take it up and out [towards the brow’s tail] in the outer corner,” she told us. Made a mistake? Grab Charlotte’s famous Magic Cream and a cotton swab to clean it up in a pinch.

LESSON No. 4: Pump Up Your Lashes

One of the makeup artist’s signatures is big, full lashes, and she has a secret to achieve them — no lash glue required. She likes to hold her mascara wand vertically and push the lashes up and out from the root. “Really get into the base to get the maximum elongation,” she said.

LESSON No. 5: Don’t Pass On a Good Lip Liner

“When I first started [doing makeup], people were like, ‘Lip liners? Oh my god, that’s so ’80s,'” Tilbury said, as she grabbed her award-winning pencil in Pillow Talk. But she swears they’ll become a staple for you the second you try one. “So many women who discover this lip liner never go back. It cheats your natural lip line and mimics the color of your lips,” she added.

LESSON No. 6: Save Blush for Last

There’s a good reason for that. “Once you have your eye and lip on, you can see how much color you actually need on your face,” she said. “So, you won’t go overboard with the blush and end up looking like Aunt Sally!”

Which one of Charlotte’s makeup tips are you going to incorporate into your routine? Tell us below!