Charlotte Le Bon's Bronze-Goddess Makeup Look: All the Scoop! (There's an Ombré Brow Involved)

How beautiful is this look?

You know the last time you were on a plane watching The Hundred-Foot Journey, you were doing two things in equal measure: Weeping embarrassingly into your bad airplane wine, and wondering who that actress was with the killer cheekbones and perfect skin. Answer: Charlotte Le Bon, and she’s blowing up. Just having hit the New York Film Festival with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the premiere of their film The Walk (wearing Carolina Herrera, no less), she’s obviously going to be one to watch on the red carpet. So we wanted to get an inside peek at her beauty routine as soon as possible. Below, check out our interview with celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson, who gave Le Bon her glowing, gorgeous look.

Charlotte Le Bon makeup


Have you worked with Charlotte before? If so, what’s your favorite feature of hers to play up?
I have not, but I have been wanting to work with her since I saw her in the film The Hundred-Foot Journey. I was absolutely fascinated by her gorgeous bone structure and her big soulful eyes.

What was the basis for this premiere look?
Renato [Campora], the hair stylist, and I spoke with Charlotte about creating a modern take on old Hollywood glamour. I wanted to give it an update by using some of the latest shades from Chanel coming out for holiday.

I think of this style (bronze lids, rosy lips) as sort of “quintessentially Chanel” – what about it is so special?
I think the “Chanel” look is one of timeless sophistication but in the freshest, most modern way. Classic with a little edge, which fits very well with my own personal beauty philosophy. Every woman wants to be a Chanel girl.

What three products would you need to create the look athome?
All from Chanel: Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in “New Moon,” Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in “La Merveilleuse” and Inimitable Mascara in “Noir.” (Fun fact: He used the lipstick on her cheeks as well, using a synthetic brush for the “blush” version and patting it on her lips with his fingers.)

How can a girl without a makeup artist at her disposal try this shimmery, saturated shadow without looking too glittery or over-the-top?
I made sure skin was kept semi matte and that lips were more of a creamy looking stain. This balances a shimmery eye and allows it to be the star without competing with the other parts of the face.

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What was the best part of getting ready with Charlotte?
Charlotte is an incredibly animated, fun person. Renato and [stylist] Jeff Kim and I all had so much fun trading stories, impressions and jokes with each other over the whole course of the three-day junket.

Fill in the blank: If I wanted my brows to look as amazing as hers, I would have to ______.
Use CHANEL Le Sourcil de Chanel in Brun! I made Charlotte’s brows look fuller by brushing brows upwards and then filling them in using the lightest shade first to create the basic shape, I then used the medium shade in the tail of the brow to give it more depth. The result is a very subtle ombré effect and makes it so the brows never appear heavy and blocky but are defined and elegant.

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Do you love her look?!

— Alex Apatoff

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