Celine Dion Wears $885 Titanic Sweatshirt (Does Not Weigh in On the Door Conspiracy Theory)

See the greatest sweatshirt...in the world

Celine Dion Style

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Celine Dion has given so much to the world: A powerful voice. A Las Vegas show. The best wedding headpiece of all time. But perhaps none of her contributions are as indelible as the pan-flute masterpiece that is the theme to Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On.” (If you need to take a moment to rewatch her performance at the 1998 Oscars, go ahead; we’ll be here when you get back.)

So it seems only appropriate — and yet utterly surprising — that the diva capped off her high-fashion trip to Paris with the ultimate style statement: an oversize sweatshirt bearing a black-and-white tribute to Titanic, complete with baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio, a waterlogged Kate Winslet and the upended ship. Going down each arm? “Coming Soon.” But though one might believe (slash fervently hope) that this is a relic from the film’s premiere party that she just busted out for her trip home from Paris, it’s actually a sold-out, $885 piece from Vetements — a.k.a. celebrities’ go-to shop for expensive airport sweats.

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Our second-favorite thing about this outfit (the first being, that it exists at all) is that she paired it with jeans, a python bag by Tod’s that retails for $3,995 and some gold ankle-strap heels for good measure.

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Dion’s outfit can be summed up by her new stylist, Law Roach, who posted the photo to his Instagram with the caption “Legendary.” Roach has been the style mastermind behind the singer’s stylish tour of Paris, which has seen her stepping out in Balenciaga, Gucci and Dior to sit front row in one haute couture show after another.

“She likes everything. What people don’t understand is that Celine is a fashion girl,” Roach tells PeopleStyle. “No one knew it until now, I think, but she’s been in the industry for 30 years. She’s seen everything and she’s seen the evolution of the outfits.”

And he adds that she’s been having a ton of fun with her many wardrobe changes. “What we’ve been doing is kind of something a little bit more dressed up and then we’ve been doing things that are really, really chill, just depending on the mood we get in,” he says. “I think she’s really enjoying fashion and being out and being seen and getting photographed. She really enjoys her fans. She signs hundreds of autographs twice a day!”

There’s only one thing left to ask: Does Celine subscribe to the theory that Jack and Rose could totally have shared that door? (If she’s still paying tribute to the film nearly 20 years later, something tells us that her heart will go on … believing Jack didn’t have to die.)

Are you loving her look?

— Alex Apatoff

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