Céline Dion's Stylists on Her Street Style Superstardom: 'She Owns Every Moment in Each Outfit'

"Céline is limited to any type of look, which is what makes a look 'Céline,'" says celebrity stylist Sydney Lopez

Céline Dion made the sidewalk her personal runway everywhere she went during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. She sent paparazzi clamoring to capture not only her outfit, but the show she put on while modeling it for the world. It was her fearless sense of style that landed her a spot on PEOPLE’s 2019 Best Dressed List. So we caught up with her stylists, Sydney Lopez and Pepe Muñoz, to find out how each of her looks came together.

The styling duo are very quick to credit Dion for making those outfits have that certain je ne sais quoi. “She is very involved,” Lopez tells PEOPLE. “She loves fashion, loves designers, loves discovering new designers and talent. Céline allows us to bring her what we want to see her in, what we are excited by, and she creates the character for it. She owns every moment in each outfit, which is why I think people enjoy seeing what she wears every day.”

Celine Dion
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And she always has the final say in what she steps out in. “She has never made an appearance wearing something she did not want to,” says Muñoz. “The last word, and final touches, are always hers.”

Celine Dion
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Whether she’s posing in a Haute Couture gown or a “I Heart Paris Hilton” Vetements T-shirt, she strikes poses and struts down the sidewalk like the world is her runway, which is what makes seeing what she wears so exciting. “I don’t think Céline is limited to any type of look, which is what makes a look ‘Céline,'” says Lopez. “She is able to capture so many styles and own them.”

But Lopez explains, every look has a reason and it’s usually to honor the artists she admires. “I think Céline and us as a team like to send a lot of messages,” says Lopez. “Mostly love, love for art, for talent, for the people who work hard and are passionate about fashion too. She respects and loves designers and houses, and we love to show our appreciation back.”

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So how does it feel to get to work with the queen of fashion? “It doesn’t really feel like work,” says Muñoz on what he loves most about styling Dion. “Yes, we spend many hours brainstorming, selecting looks, fitting, traveling… but at the end of the day, we are having the absolute time of our lives! She is the best boss anyone could ask for.”

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Echoes Lopez, “It really is so much fun to watch and be a part of. We are always so in awe of her.”

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