Céline Dion's Handbag Line Was Inspired (in Surprising Ways!) by Her Twin Boys and 90-Year-Old Mom

The singer previewed the first collection for her eponymous purse line

Celine Dion Collection - First Handbag And Accessory Collection Press Conference at Project Womens at Mandalay Bay
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Céline Dion has been on a fashionable roll as of late. With the help of one of Hollywood’s hottest stylists, Law Roach, the singer has an all new spring in her stilettoed step, wearing one perfectly on-trend look after the next, as well as a smattering of ensembles that pay homage to her storied career, like that time she wore a Titanic-themed Vetements sweatshirt, for example. And now she’s doubling-down on her stylish success, adding the title of fashion designer to her illustrious resume and teaming up with The Bugatti Group to launch her very own accessory line.

Dion debuted her 200-piece collection in Las Vegas on Tuesday, wearing another very apropos, tongue-in-cheek “Queen of Hearts” look from Schiaparelli Haute Couture (because her heart will go on, obviously) – plus a piece from her soon-to-launch handbag line. The collection will feature a range of products, including handbags, luggage, and smaller accessories, with price points that will please all of her fans, from the super high-end consumers to those looking for something a touch more affordable. Though you’ll be able to shop her pieces on pre-sale on her website starting February 27, you won’t be able to officially get your hands on these goods until early September.

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During a press conference preview at Project Las Vegas, Dion gushed about her partnership with Bugatti, noting that the brand “is so open about making me part of it,” even as she admits that her ideas, now 10 years in the making, could be a little overwhelming. “The creation was fun because they were great listeners, they were open to any suggestions whether they were right or wrong. If there was anything I could not wear myself I would tell them right away: Okay, here get a piece of leather and then we have chains and then we have little plastic little round stuff … I said, Get rid of these, just finish with leather or chains.”

And she was determined to have her personal touch on all the pieces – quite literally, as each one will include a print of a soundwave in the singer’s voice. “I want my fans to know that I would wear my things,” she said of refusing to just put her name on someone else’s designs; she added that she hopes the bags will “give the fans another way to communicate with me.” And to look like they have that Titanic residual money, too: “I think we all deserve to have accessibility, to have access to something that looks like fashion that you could go [buy at] big stores.”

So with all that personal passion poured into the line, how can she possibly pick her favorite pieces? Though she says she “honestly cannot pick one,” she is partial to the fanny pack for its pure practicality as a mother of twins. “Because I got twins in both of my hands, the fanny pack was very something that was important for me,” she said. “We do trips and we always need something. Whatever it’s sanitizer, tissue, ‘I don’t feel good, I need a Band Aid’.” She also designed with her own 90-year-old mother in mind, saying, “She has shoulder problems so I wanted to make sure that some of the purses she can carry on the side. She can have her walker if she needs to. She would kill me [for saying so]!”

What’s up next for the star? She expressed hopes for shoes, clothes and more lifestyle products: “I hope that this brand of what we call lifestyle that will expand. This I can’t tell you today but this is something that I hope and it can be up to I don’t know, clothing jewelry, baby clothing, women’s something,” she said. “We will try to make every collection better and better. I hope that we have reached many lifestyles. The way that I create is practical. You have to think what is my lifestyle, what is my vision, what would I wear that for.”

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Reporting by Melinda Sheckells

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