Celine Dion on Sacrificing for Fashion: 'The Day You Start Thinking About Comfort, You're Getting Old'

Find out if the singer prefers pajamas or pantsuits and how she really feels about tattoos


It’s been a busy summer for Celine Dion. Not only has she transformed her style, thanks to celebrity stylist Law Roach, but the icon also made a major comeback to the stage. And even with a jam-packed schedule, she’s squeezed in a quick rapid fire round of “This or That” with Vogue, where she’s spilling her stance on tattoos, piercings and more. The result is the beyond-hilarious video above.

The “This or That” clip opens with Dion being asked to choose between two of her most-traveled locales — Las Vegas or Montreal — and quickly moves on to the tough stuff, where she is asked to weigh in on a very heated style debate: “Pajamas” versus “Pantsuit.”

And to our surprise (just kidding, we knew she’d pick PJs), the legendary vocalist quickly picked “Pajamas,” explaining: “Oh my god. It’s got to be pajamas because … it’s got to be pajamas. But like a pajama you can go to the Oscars with.”

Later on in the video, she declares: “The day you start thinking about comfort, you’re getting old. And I’m just starting, so I’m not getting old.”

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Oh, and don’t get her started on tattoos: “You know, I’ve seen so many people that they have tattoos when they were younger and then they get older and the name changes. It used to be, you know, ‘Louis’ and now it’s like ‘Louie,'” she joked. “It’s going down. It’s gravity, baby. It’s going down.”

She quickly changed her tune on her preference for permanent ink (versus piercings): “But, I gotta admit, since my husband passed away, they can make the tattoo as his heartbeat, so I might have his heartbeat on my body for the rest of my life.”

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Watch the whole clip (and find out what she thinks of her beloved oversize Titanic sweatshirt) above.

What do you think of Celine’s style resurgence? Are you a fan of her updated wardrobe? Share below!

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