January 11, 2017 04:26 PM
Source: Charlotte Tilbury/Instagram

We hope you’re “All By Yourself” right now, because this news might come as a shock: Céline Dion is now almost as platinum as her albums. The superstar singer and diva extraordinaire just posed for a photo with her makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, and she appears to have decided to kick 2017 on a high(lighted) note.

Dion – who rarely deviates from her standard honey blonde waves, and “That’s the Way It Is” – has mixed it up just a little bit in the last year, wearing a chic long bob for a few months in the summer before returning to her wavy extensions.

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But she apparently got the “New Year, New Do” memo many celebrities seem to have read lately, and added super-bright highlights (and complementary lowlights) to her mane to really amp up the drama. The style also complements the high fashion persona Dion has been cultivating over the past year, in the wake of the death of her husband René Angelil.

“She’s really enjoying herself,” her stylist, Law Roach, told PeopleStyle last summer. “Fashion is the most interactive art form. It’s nostalgic and it can take you to another place. If you feel beautiful and pretty, you can’t be sad and miserable. It’s just impossible.”

Do you love her as a blonde?

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