May 24, 2016 06:25 PM

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The Celebrity Obsession: New York designer Jonathan Simkhai’s sheath dresses, which combine sexy silhouettes with surprisingly detailed construction (and which have landed on Gigi Hadid, Rachel McAdams, Miranda Kerr and more)

The Reason Stars Love ‘Em: The designer says it’s the combination of minimal effort with maximum sex-appeal impact. “I like to provide women with options to look good, to feel free and to feel sexy,” Simkhai told PeopleStyle during the launch for his early-access pre-fall collection pop-up shop for Intermix. “I like to create those pieces that you need to have for that night out, for loving life, and for being your own celebrity. We’re all celebrities, because everyone wants to put on a piece of clothing that makes you feel good and makes you excited about life.”

The Fans (and Why They Rocked These Dresses):

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Gigi Hadid: “She killed it,” says Simkhai. “What I love about Gigi wearing this outfit is that she styled it monochromatically with the nude camel overcoat. This is the color for women right now. It just feels like everything I believe in. When I saw that look, I just was like, ‘Phew!'”

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Rachel McAdams: “I loved seeing her in something a little more romantic, sexual and beautiful,” says Simkhai. “This is the length I love the most — it’s in between cocktail and gown and it works for both of those occasions. I think it’s a very sophisticated length. Don’t worry if it’s too long or too short. It’s one of those lengths that’s never too short or too long. Even if it’s dragging on the floor, it’s still fine, in my opinion.”

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Miranda Kerr: “She’s so sweet and feminine, but also confident and beautiful,” Simkhai says of the supermodel. Of the dress, he points out “there are 14 fabrications all pieced together — every single color, shape and texture. My team and I went to four different countries just to find the fabrics.”

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Portia Doubleday: “This dress is really inspired by the idea of something technical, mechanical, and being able to do something really feminine but also something that feels fast and strong,” he says of this organza midi, now available at for $1,275. “I looked a lot at different spaceships, NASA test screens and digital screens to come up with these motifs. They work together seamlessly.”

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The Last Word: “I’ve seen girls wear T-shirts to their wedding and look amazing,” says Simkhai, pictured above. “And I’ve seen girls wear ballgowns to brunch and look amazing. That’s the beauty of fashion. I like to encourage women to have fun and love life and love fashion and take risks and wear T-shirts for weddings and wear ballgowns for brunch!”

Which look do you like best?

— Sharon Clott Kanter

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