How to Get Rid of Frizzy Summer Hair, According to 3 Pros

Celebrity hairstylists share their regimens for when the heat is on

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Hairstylist Summer Tips
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Laura Polko's Tips for Frizz

Courtesy Laura Polko
Courtesy Laura Polko

Hairstylist to the stars Laura Polko never goes anywhere without a hair accessory in summer. "In a pinch, I wear headbands and jaw clips to distract from what's really happening," she laughs. "Scünci makes amazing options that aren't expensive but are chic." Another pro tip: stock up on elastics that are the same color as your hair so your ponytail on-the-go always has a seamless look.

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Laura Polko's Tips for Frizz

aquage sea salt spray

"I spray this all over my damp hair because it's lightweight and humidity-resistant," Polko says.

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Laura Polko's Tips for Frizz

kitsch sleep scarf

"After I apply sea salt spray, I wrap my hair with a scarf (silk ones help minimize frizz) until it dries to enhance my waves," Polko says. The finishing touch: "I flip my head upside down and shake my hair to boost volume. It creates dream hair with minimal effort!"

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Cynthia Alvarez's Tips for Frizz

Courtesy Cynthia Alvarez

"Humidity can kill the bounce and definition in curly hair," says celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez. Her go-to summer look? "I pull my hair into a loose bun and let tendrils frame my face, accessorize with a cute scarf, and go!"

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Cynthia Alvarez's Tips for Frizz

color wow dream coat

"To keep humidity at bay, I apply Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray on damp hair, and then rake it from roots to ends," Alvarez says.

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Cynthia Alvarez's Tips for Frizz

ouidad climate control

"Then I apply Ouidad's Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel from the midshaft, down, scrunch, and let my hair air dry. Once curls are fully dry, put a little hair oil on your hands and scrunch your curls again" for a more carefree look, she says.

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Sabrina Porsche's Tips for Frizz

Courtesy Sabrina Porsche
Courtesy Sabrina Porsche

Mane Addicts hairstylist Sabrina Porsche, who works with Hollywood's A-list, says that when the temps spike, she puts her hair in a protective style. "When it's really hot out, I put my hair in box braids! That way I don't have to worry about frizz."

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Sabrina Porsche's Tips for Frizz

creme of nature

"After washing my hair, while it's still wet, I apply this from roots to tips to keep my hair from getting frizzy."

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Sabrina Porsche's Tips for Frizz


"Using oils on your hair are usually considered a no no after styling as they can weigh your hair down, but when you are dealing with humidity this may actually help! Because humidity can cause frizz, having something to weigh your hair down can actually be beneficial," Porsche says.

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Sabrina Porsche's Tips for Frizz


"This mask works great on my kinky curls and gives me the hydration that I feel I need to prevent frizz! I wash my hair once every one to two weeks depending on how my hair is styled and I will use a hair mask every other wash. So typically, twice a month," says Porsche.

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