After 20 years in the closet design business, Lisa Adams knows everything about keeping your space organized

October 23, 2018 01:30 PM
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LA Design's Lisa Adams created Khloé Kardashian's custom workout closet.
LA Closet Design

Thanks to social media, #closetgoals has become a thing with stars like Kris Jenner and Jessica Simpson sharing photos and videos of their massive and perfectly organized storage spaces. And while most of us will never have 200 square feet just for our clothing and accessories (let alone a collection of Birkin bags that justifies the need for a dedicated purse closet like Kylie Jenner), there are easy and affordable ways to upgrade every inch of your closet.

For the past 20 years, closet designer and author Lisa Adams has been the mastermind behind the most enviable closets in Hollywood, from Khloé Kardashian’s fitness closet to Christina Aguilera‘s lavish area. And Adams swears that even without a million dollars to spare on customizations (she once worked on a closet with that price tag!), anyone can achieve pristine closet in their home.

“It’s really about utilizing the space, because most people don’t,” Adams, whose first book Closet Design Bible came out earlier this year, told PEOPLE. “You need to use the height of it, the depth of it, the width of it, the back of it and the full drawers. All of this can be done on a budget.”

If you’re ready to revamp your closet, follow Adams’ pro trips, which she uses when designing all of her celeb clients’ closets, to get your space more organized than ever before.

1. Invest in Drawer Inserts

Adams makes custom insert trays for each of her clients’ dresser drawers (you can order one of her creations for yourself!) so everything inside can be seen as soon as its opened. “It really helps keep the drawer organized. I want people to be able to see everything,” she said.

To save some money, she suggests buying a bunch from The Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon  in various sizes.


The Container Store

Buy It! The Container Store Grey Drawer Organizers, $14.99-$19.99;

“It’s great for underwear, socks, sunglasses, and jewelry. I’ve ever used them for t-shirts before too,” Adams said.

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2. Hang Your Bags On Purse Hooks

Adams loves using purse hooks to prevent larger bags from falling over and squishing on top of each other. “These are great for tote bags and pretty much any unstructured purse that can be hung,” she explained.

Purse hooks Lisa Adams installed inside designer Monique Lhuillier's closet.
LA Closet Design

“It’s great because you can see them all hanging vertically,” she added. Pro tip: buy strong Command hooks in bulk from Amazon to do this trick.

3. Stuff Shoes With Boot Trees

Never know where to store your collection of tall boots? The solution is simpler than you might think. “I love boot trees,” Adams said. “I use them in pretty much every closet I do for taller boots because they maintain the shape of them.”

Lisa Adams used boot trees on Tyra Banks' shoes so they keep their shape while stored in her closet.
LA Closet Design

Just place each one inside your shoe and line them up along the floor or a shelf for easy access.

The Container Store

Buy It! The Container Store Boot Shapers, $9.99;

4. Pack Your Purses With ‘Pillows’

Really — purse pillows exist! “They’re basically pillows that go into your purses,” Adams said. “I actually make specialized Hermés purse shapers for all their Birkin and Kelly handbags, but you can buy ones in any other size at The Container Store or my shop online.”

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Lisa Adams stuffed Olivia Culpo's handbags with purse shapers before putting them on display.
LA Closet Design

These miniature pillows work great if you want to display your bags, Adams said, because “they just go in and keep the bag structured and sitting pretty!”

The Container Store

Buy It! The Container Store Innies Quilted Purse Shaper, $14.99-$29.99;

5. Make Good Use Out Of Storage Boxes

Not every piece you own needs to be perfectly displayed, so Adams recommends storing seasonal items or things you only wear on occasion in containers placed on the highest shelf of the closet.

Lisa Adams placed slim storage containers at the top of Giuliana Rancic's closet for items the star doesn't reach for often.
LA Closet Design

“It just helps to keep the closet looking really pretty, organized and celebrity-ready,” she said. “And it keeps the whole space looking much more glam!”


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