The Beauty Tools Celebs Swear By for Their Anti-Aging, Firming and Glow-Boosting Effects

Everything to know about the tools you need to get professional results from the comfort of your own home

Christie Brinkley

Favorite Tool: SBLA's Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand XL ($129;

Why It Works: The model and actress says this magic wand diminished wrinkles, while blending hyper-pigmented spots and smoothing crepe-y skin. In fact, Brinkley loves the sculpting tool so much, she became an SBLA ambassador and active partner in the brand earlier this year. The beauty tools brand (which previously went by the name Spencer Barnes LA) touts its clinically-proven "fat burning technology" and claims the beloved sculpting wand "boosts collagen production and generates millions of new skin cells while you sleep."

Christie Brinkley (Sean Zanni /
Sean Zanni /

Brinkley tells PEOPLE she started using the brand's rollerball device "religiously" during quarantine and put it to the ultimate test. "I took them with me when I went down to the Caribbean where usually my skin starts looking like an old pirate by the time I'm coming home," Brinkley says. "Honestly, I never came home so unscathed from all those hours in the salt water and the sun."

She was "so thrilled," she says, that she called up the brand's CEO to offer to work together.

Brinkley used the Facial Instant Sculpting Wand to zap lines on her brown — which was "more furrowed than ever" worrying about her three kids amid the coronavirus pandemic — and attacked décolletage lines with the Neck, Chin & Jawline device. "I had [wrinkles] in my cleavage line. You don't want the cleavage line to be full of wrinkles! In just a couple of months that I've been using [the wand], I think they have completely faded."

Salma Hayek

Favorite Tool: Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite EyeCare Pro ($159;

Why It Works: This anti-aging eye mask features 80 LEDs to stimulate collagen production, improve skin density, smooth fine lines wrinkles and texture and visibly firm the skin, according to the skincare brand's website. Easy-to-use and hands-free, this device automatically shuts off after three minutes and comes complete with an adjustable head strap for maximum comfort.

In April, Hayek posted a photo wearing the innovative eyewear "before a photoshoot" to treat the dark circles under her eyes.

Carey Mulligan

Favorite Tool: CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask ($399;

Why It Works: The actress' makeup artist Georgie Eisdell swears by this LED light therapy mask — and uses it on her celebrity clients before major red carpets for the smoothing, calming and firming effects. "I cannot live without it," Eisdell she wrote on Instagram.

carey mulligan
Chris Pizzelo-Pool/Getty

The pro used this flexible mask on Mulligan before her jaw-dropping Oscars appearance back in April: "I made sure we got a little 15 minute relaxation and skin love this morning with Carey before we started glam 💫"

According to CurrentBody, the tool combines anti-aging red and near infra-red light therapy to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and texture. "Unlike other devices the mask's flexibility ensures that the maximum amount of light hits the lower layers of the skin, delivering both instant and long term results," the website states.

Molly Sims

Favorite Tool: Shani Darden Facial Sculpting Wand ($399;

Why It Works: This pulsating device increases blood flow and improves circulation, leaving the skin feeling (and looking!) more contoured and firm. Perfect for the cheekbone area, it features sound wave technology that targets wrinkles and optimizing skin's oxygen uptake — and Sims is a fan!

Darden, whose clientele also includes Jessica Alba, January Jones, and Kelly Rowland, incorporates the wand into her famous facials: "My signature facials always include a 10-minute local vibration treatment: gentle waves penetrate into the skin and stimulate the facial muscles for a firmer, more contoured effect," she said.

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