See Which Stars Can't Resist a Good Bargain

These stars aren't afraid to express their love of an incredible deal! See Hoda Kotb, Anne Hathaway and more stars who love to go bargain-hunting

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Hoda Kotb/Instagram

She's a true Maxxinista! The Today show anchor showed off the deal she got on her $39.99 black and shite shift dress from TJ Maxx (which she wore on-air!) on Instagram, and even cited the iconic jingle from the '80s writing: "Sing with me .. 'you get the max for the minimum at TJ MAXX.'"

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Diana Ross takes to the runway as she headlines Dennis Basso
Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive/Getty

Perhaps more delightful than the knowledge that the legendary Diana Ross shops at Marshall's is the knowledge that she wears a fanny pack there, as she revealed when she tweeted than an "angel" had found the belt bag and turned it in. "SO GRATEFUL," she wrote. "I WILL PAY FORWARD." (She could start by telling us what exactly she shops for at the discount retailer.)

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James Devaney/GC Images

As promised, Anne is committing to eco-friendly fashion on her Colossal press tour, opting for a spring-y, floral vintage dress her stylist Penny Lovell found in a flea market for $15 10 years ago. (She kept it environmentally conscious with her accessories too, teaming the dress with a vintage Gucci belt and borrowed Roxanne Assoulin earrings.)

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Source: Anne Hathaway/Instagram

Anne is taking a cue from Emma Watson's eco-friendly Beauty and the Beast promo tour style, and committing to making all of her Colossal red carpet appearances in environmentally conscious dresses. Her stylist, Penny Lovell, says all of the star's outfits will be sustainable and "will be either vintage pieces or archival runway looks," - starting off with this flirty, twirly, $20 flea market find.

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Sarah Jessica Parker doing some shopping at flea market of via Sannio in Rome
Splash News Online

She may wear some of the most fashion-forward designer pieces on the red carpet and have her very own shoe line today, but Sarah Jessica actually honed her style savvy by hitting up thrift stores. She explained that she would find inspiration from the streets and the subways and execute it in a very low-budget way. "I was like, 'How can I do that? How can I afford to do that? What's my version of that?'," she told InStyle. "Honestly, thrift stores played such a huge part in my life before Sex and the City, and of course, my mom was the biggest influence. She had pretty firm ideas about how we should dress."

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The actress loves to bargain hunt so much, she even attended her first-ever movie premiere (The Others in 2001) wearing “a $6 dress from Goodwill. I’ve always loved a cheap find. Viva thrift shops!” she wrote on Instagram. She even told PEOPLE she feels like an archaeologist when she’s shopping in secondhand stores. “I can feel when there’s a little something, you know, where there’s gold in the hills, and I really zero in. That’s the fun part for me.”

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We all have to get a start somewhere! The star may have multiple fashion lines under her belt these days, but her design chops started back in high school, when she’d have fun with thrift-store finds. “I used to do a lot of buying of clothes and then altering them to make them how I wanted – lots of glue guns, lots of Velcro,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

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J. Vespa/WireImage

Zooey says the limitations of second-hand shopping brought sparked her style imagination back in high school. “I didn’t have a lot of money so I got things for, like, $2, $3 and made myself look as good as I could,” she told InStyle. “Limitations make you more creative.”

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Steve Sands

It may not be a shock to learn the struggling writer’s wardrobe was plucked from vintage shops, but you might be surprised to learn that the show’s costume designer, Jennifer Rogien, tailors Dunham’s clothes to “fit her even worse,” Rogien told the New York Times.

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty

She can work couture on the red carpet, but in her downtime, Shailene prefers a secondhand look. “Big baggy jeans – specifically jeans that you find in thrift stores that are obviously not made for women – those are the best because they’re super-comfy,” she explained in an ASOS interview.

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The singer told that she splashed out a full $50 for a navy St. John suit at a Palm Springs resale shop, but the investment has paid off: “It fits me perfectly. I wear it onstage all the time. It’s my favorite, and I didn’t even need to get it tailored. It’s my best find by far.”

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We already know Macklemore is so skilled in thrifting that can pull up with $20 and leave with a leopard mink coat and sneakers “with the Velcros” – and that he made a Grammy-winning song just to brag about it. But lest you think he’s all talk, the musician told NPR that he really does enjoy thrift shopping: “It is something that has been a part of my life since I was a young kid and it’s outside of the box.”

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