Celebrities are once again headed out to the desert to check out performances from their favorite musicians
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Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

It’s that time of year again. No, not spring, though the weather is finally warm enough to start packing away your heaviest outer layers. But as anyone worth their 3-day VIP pass will tell you, it’s time to bust out your finest fringe-laden vests, cut-off denim short-shorts, and flower crowns for yet another round of everyone’s favorite desert-based music festival, Coachella. While the event is ostensibly about the all-star performances onstage, we all know it’s actually all for the eccentric bohemian fashions worn by all of your favorite celebs who are making their way out to Palm Springs at this very moment.

Of course, Kylie Jenner would never miss this annual music extravaganza, heading to Coachella likely with 12 suitcases full of technicolor wigs in tow. The teen posted a snapshot of herself mid-flight aboard her private jet on Thursday night, wearing a very low-key ensemble as she’s probably saving up some of her wilder looks for when there’s an audience of people present to properly appreciate it.

For the very quick trip from Calabasas to Indio, the Lip Kit queen wore a ribbed knit grey maxi dress, a leather jacket slumped around her shoulders, and a pair of red rectangular sunglasses. And while it may look like the reality star is wearing some old kicks from middle school that she’s doodled all over, in fact, they’re the new Vetements x Reebok sneakers that will set you back a cool $760.

Unofficial patron saint of the annual festival, Vanessa Hudgens is of course also on her way to the valley. While this year it looks like she doesn’t have any plans on doing one of her more complicated hairdos for the first day (in the past, they’ve incorporated everything from beads and feather to full-on dream catchers), she’s still bringing plenty of bohemian whimsy with her fashion looks. The actress posted a selfie to Instagram of her debut ensemble, a vintage suede crop top Hudgens says she’s owned for years with embroidered flowers in the center layered over plenty of small, gold body chains, paired with some wide-leg blue jeans and retro taupe sunglasses.

And her BFF Ashley Tisdale joined Hudgens for weekend one as well.

Also in attendance was Nick Jonas.

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Cindy Crawford posted a throwback shot in honor of her own pilgrimage out to the campgrounds, an editorial photo from her supermodel heydays in which she’s posed atop a motorcycle wearing a fringed leather bustier, studded leather shorts and knee-high suede boots. In other words, the exact outfit we’re all secretly hoping she’ll revive for Coachella this time around.

And it’s not just ’90s supers who are making the trek out to the desert. There’s a whole troupe of Victoria’s Secret Angels and Instagram influencers coming in her wake.

Like Golden Barbie a.k.a Jasmine Sanders, who is already posted up at #HotelRevolve, wearing a head-to-toe millennial pink athleisure ensemble from Daniel Patrick and taking a moment for a little photoshoot with the only summer accessory you truly need in your arsenal, a rainbow-sprinkle covered ice cream cone.

Lais Ribeiro also took a quick food pit stop on her way out to Coachella, stopping to fuel up at In-N-Out with a milkshake, two big burgers, and a whole lot of fries.

Jourdan Dunn is clearly already feeling those festival vibes as well, posting a throwback on Thursday to one of her looks from last year, wearing a slouchy white tee and zebra-print scarf wrapped around her turquoise striped hair, writing in the caption, “Coachella mi ready.”

Jasmine Tookes expressed the joy and anticipation we all feel leading up to these weekend-long festivities, breaking out some of her finest dance moves in honor of the occasion, wearing a VS bra (of course) under a sheer black top, with layer upon layer of Lili Claspe necklaces, which is apparently the accessory of choice for Angels hitting the festival circuit as one of their body chains was spotted on Josephine Skriver as well.

And while we wait for the official photos to hit, we’ll leave you with this photo of birthday girl Skriver, who has already given us our most head-scratching accessory of the festival; please feel free to explain that belt in the comments.

Are you ready for all of the excitement of Coachella? Which star’s outfits are you most excited to see? Sound off below!