It's larger than the size of an average N.Y.C. apartment

Credit: Getty

We’ve seen a lot of outrageous celebrity closets over the years. Some have their own water fridges, others their own champagne doorbells, so we didn’t think there was much left to shock us, that is, until we saw inside Catherine Zeta-Jones’s wardrobe. Let’s just say, the space probably has its own zip code.

On Instagram the actress shared a video of a “zip” through her closet, and she wasn’t exaggerating. Set to the noise of a roaring race car engine, the camera literally zips through the halls (yes, halls!) of her closet briefly pausing in certain sections.

And it was in those pauses that we discovered shelves and shelves of top-handle handbags and stiletto pumps. We were also dazzled by racks of color-coordinated clothing. And we can’t forget to point out — there are special racks specifically dedicated to scarves.

So if you’re craving more closet inspo at this point (who isn’t?) she happened to share some more details within her closet including her favorite wedges and pink pumps.

All we have to say: Her daughter Carys might be the luckiest celebrity offspring, especially if she gets to raid that closet.

What do you think of her closet?