Catherine Zeta-Jones Adds Shoes (and Makeup!) to Her Label: 'I Need a Creative Outlet'

The Oscar winner opens up about her inspirations and aspirations for her lifestyle line Casa Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones
Photo: Casa Zeta-Jones

July is shaping up to be one busy month for Catherine Zeta-Jones. At the start of the month, her Casa Zeta-Jones lifestyle line made its first foray into fashion with the launch of a footwear collection, and not even three weeks later, she added cosmetics to her growing assortment.

“I’ve always been a busy body,” the Oscar winner says. “I need a creative outlet when I am not acting.”

The star’s passion for fashion dates back to her childhood, she says.

“When I was a kid, my mother was an amazing sewer. She made everything in our home, from the drapes and upholstery to my clothes. I'd give her a picture and she’d just make it up. So I was always around fabrics, and stepping on pins.”

The actress developed an affinity for drawing, designing – and collecting. “I’ve got vintage pieces [like] Biba caftans from Carnaby Street in London that I’ve kept in storage since I was 18 years old. My husband calls me a high class hoarder because he doesn't realize that stuff is archival for me.”

Over the decades, her inspirations became as vast as her travels.

“I get inspired by what I see in different countries, more than anything.” And when she wasn’t on the big screen, her dream became “to have a lifestyle brand under the umbrella of Casa Zeta-Jones.”

“There's that part of me that wears a designer dress and high-heel shoes on a red carpet that I give back to the next day. And then there's that part of me that’s running around with my job, my kids, my life.”

With a lifetime of experiences to inspire her, Zeta-Jones set out “create a line that incorporates all of my passions.”

Catherine Zeta Jones
Casa Zeta-Jones

For her shoes, Jones collaborated with British footwear brand Butterfly Twists. The vegan, hand-woven Casa Zeta-Jones x Butterfly Twists collection is priced between $71-$90, and was created out her desire to find the perfect ballet pump.

“If you saw my shoe collection, you’d think I was the Imelda Marcos of Wales. I have so many pairs. Some of them are too pretty to put on my feet.”

But when it comes to everyday footwear, the dancer wants “comfort, comfort, comfort. The perfect ballet pump that you can fold up into a tiny pouch and throw in your tote bag."

“I've been wearing them this summer with my caftans. They're just easy. And that's what I want to bring to the brand, simplicity. It's all thought out for you.”

Catherine Zeta Jones
Casa Zeta-Jones

And after years of playing with makeup, Zeta-Jones teamed with KF Beauty (the makers of the cult-favorite brand Wunderbrow) to create cosmetics starting with the “ultimate” budge-proof mascara, $24, and eyeliner pencils in gold and brown, $18 each.

"I've always, always been an eyeliner and mascara person. I think it all stems from my fascination with and complete love of Elizabeth Taylor. I didn't get her eyes, but, I’d think, 'I can kind of create the look.'''

Though she has been on the go since she joined the theater in London at nine years old, she’ll always be a Welsh girl at heart. And for the star’s personal life, as well as her namesake label, that means, “I want to a good bargain, good fabrication [and] good formulas. And I want to create a brand that when people see the name, they know they're getting a certain quality and they’re certainly getting it at a price that's not off the chart and inaccessible.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Zeta-Jones and her team of rock-star women worked steadfastly, though at times these unique circumstances made it challenging, she says.

“As things got progressively worse and the news got progressively grim, I just didn't feel that this was the time to go, ‘Oh, let's do this.’ We were very sympathetic of the time we live in.”

But Zeta-Jones tried her best to “keep the train running.”

“We’re really close – it's the team that makes the dream, you know? So, we were constantly on Zoom calls, getting [down] to business.”

And there’s much more to come from the entrepreneur, who’s evolving her business into a lifestyle empire.

“It’s fun to be able to say, ‘What is it I am searching for? I’ll make it.'"

For more on a day in the life of the star, pick up a copy of this week's PEOPLE.

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