The 'So You Think You Can Dance' host is still searching for the perfect gown

By Kate Hogan
Updated August 22, 2011 07:00 PM

John Shearer/WireImage

So You Think You Can Dance
host Cat Deeley isn’t usually afraid of taking fashion risks, but now that she’s an Emmy nominee she admits she’s planning to play it a little safe at the Sept. 18 ceremony.

“It’s definitely going to be something,” Deeley told PEOPLE of her plans for a knockout Emmy gown, “but it’s not going to be dead-swan Björk, Native American Cher or ballerina Lara Flynn Boyle, because I might never get nominated again. And if this is my only one time I don’t want to look back and go, ‘Oh, my God — what was I thinking?”

Speaking to PEOPLE at the FOX TCA All-Star Party in Malibu, Deeley said she hadn’t yet started her dress search — but she was already thinking ahead to future Emmy ceremonies. “If I was nominated again I’d be like, ‘Hey, great. I’ve done the classic — now let’s really shake them up,'” she said. “Then I’ll be fun. But until I get through this first one and then maybe if I get the second one, who knows? Hawaiian? Belly dancer? I don’t know!”

Luckily, the first-time nominee is receiving a little help from a seasoned pro: American Idol host (and fellow nominee) Ryan Seacrest. “I spoke to Ryan on the radio,” she recalled. “And I told him how excited I was. And he goes, ‘Okay, Deeley, I hate to burst your bubble, but here’s how it’s going to be.’ He said, ‘You’re going to find a gorgeous dress, you’re going to look very beautiful. I’m going to go there and I’m going to wear a suit. We’re going to go and make lots of polite conversation with quite a few people we don’t really need to talk to. And then we’re going to sit there and be bored. And then Jeff Probst is going to go up and he’s going to win the [outstanding reality host] award.'” The Survivor host has nabbed the award every year since its inception in 2008.

However, Deeley sees the night going differently. “I said, ‘I’m going to create some kind of disturbance when it’s announced [that Probst won]. Jeff heads up to the platform. I trip him up. From then on it’s every man for himself. Whoever makes it up there first takes [the award] home.'” Seacrest’s reply? “He said, ‘And that’s why I like my English friend.'”

–Scott Huver