The Today co-host gave himself a trim with the help of his 11-year-old son
Carson Daly
Credit: Carson Daly/Instagram; NBC Today

Carson Daly‘s hair has grown pretty unruly while he social distances at home during the coronavirus crisis. So the host took it upon himself to buzz it off — on live TV!

“Carson himself has acknowledged his hair has gotten wild,” Savannah Guthrie said on Wednesday morning’s episode of Today before Daly grabbed his razor and got to work on his ‘do. “It’s like a wild tumbleweed!”

To give Daly a helping hand, the Today team recruited celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who works with stars like Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, to guide him through the steps over the phone as he cut his own hair.

“I’ve had so many people messaging me saying, ‘Please help me cut my hair at home,'” Appleton said. “Carson are you ready?”

As he held up his razor, Daly replied: “I’m ready. I’m going to work on the sides first. I don’t know if I use a number two or a number three.”

Appleton suggested when cutting your hair at home, to always start by going a little bit longer than you intend to start with and then slowly go shorter. “Start with a number three,” he told Daly.

“Is the motion, south to north?” the Today co-host asked. “Bottom to top!” Appleton answered. The hair pro also recommended that once he got towards the top of the hair to do a “little flick motion.”

Daly continued by doing the motion on the sides of his head and towards the back and said, “Oh, it’s working, it’s working!”

Carson Daly cuts hair
Credit: Today/ Twitter

Once he got to the back of his head, Daly recruited his son Jackson, 11, to help him. “I’m trying to observe his work in the mirror and it’s pretty good actually,” Daly said.

While Appleton suggested that Daly “don’t go overboard” with his cut, he ultimately pranked fans on Instagram leaving them to believe that he ended up shaving all his hair completely off.

“Here’s the final product! I think we did pretty good! 😂,” Daly said as he debuted his bare head on Instagram. “Thanks to @chrisappleton1 for walking my son & I thru the self haircutting process this am live on @todayshow 😳.”

NBC's TODAY/Carson Daly
Credit: NBC's TODAY/Carson Daly

But in reality, the star followed Appleton’s advice and didn’t take the chop too far. “I would just tidy things up. Don’t go crazy until you get back to the salon,” the pro said.