Carrie Bradshaw Rewears Her Iconic Versace Gown from 'Sex and the City' Finale on 'And Just Like That...'

On the latest episode of HBO Max's SATC revival, Carrie (famously played by Sarah Jessica Parker) decides to pass on the sentimental dress to Charlotte's daughter, Lily

sarah jessica parker
Photo: HBO/Courtesy: Everett Collection

Longtime fans of Sex and the City will have immediately recognized the subtle nod to the series finale during episode 8 of the show's reboot, And Just Like That... , when Carrie Bradshaw resurrected one of her most iconic dresses.

On Thursday's episode, as Carrie attempts to archive some of her designer clothing in storage, she pulls out the billowing Atelier Versace Mille Feuille gown she wore the night she arrived in Paris and was stood up by her then-lover Aleksandr Petrovsky on Sex and the City's two-part series finale in 2004.

"Do you want to see something amazing?" Carrie asks her real estate agent friend Seema Patel. "I don't want to brag, but it is my pride and joy."

Carrie then pulls out the soft gray Versace gown, which was reportedly the most expensive dress (valued at $80,000) that she wore on the HBO series.

"Okay, what the f--- am I looking at?" Seema asks.

"Versace," Carrie replies. "I've only worn her twice. Once in Paris. And once here, just for fun. I sat at that window and ate a whole thing of Jiffy Pop."

When Seema asked what she planned to do with such a special dress, Carrie said she wanted to pass it down to Charlotte's daughter Lily.

"Charlotte's daughter Lily has been here all week helping me archive everything, you know, for proper storage, in exchange for some of my vintage pieces which, sadly, were not vintage when I bought them," Carrie said.

When the new AJLT... episode dropped on HBO Max, Sarah Jessica Parker posted a tribute to the memorable down on Instagram. "We found her. Slithered in. Caught up. It's been so long. She had much to share. Brief and hard to say goodbye again. Episode 8 of @justlikethatmax, available to stream now on @hbomax. X,SJ​," the actress wrote.

SATC costume designer Patricia Field couldn't join the reboot because she was styling season 2 of Emily in Paris. But she did previously reveal that Carrie's Versace gown was her all-time favorite fashion moment of the hit series.

"Some people make these crocheted doily gowns that they put on dolls and it goes over a toilet paper roll. They crochet this gown for a doll and the gown is really big, and then you just put the doll over the toilet paper roll and it sits in their bathroom. I always found that hysterical. That's what that gown meant to me," Field told Entertainment Weekly.

"When we shot [the next-to-last episode], Carrie was waiting for Aleksandr to come to her hotel room in Paris, and in the end, he showed up very late," the costume designer continued. "That gown is huge. I set that gown over the bed, and it literally covered the bed. It was the perfect princess moment.''

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