The show's judge explains why she said 'fart' on live TV -- and gives good shoe advice

Adam Taylor/ABC

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style (and all the backstage scoop) on the show’s 16th season. This week, she talks the front-runner finalists — and shares some good show advice.

I can’t believe we are already past the halfway point of Season 16! The season is flying by and I guess that’s because it’s so much fun!

Last night I wore an Aiden Mattox asymmetric one-sleeve plum colored dress. I have to say, this was the most comfortable dress I’ve worn in a while. It felt like I was out there in a silk blanket — very comfy and cozy.

Maybe I was a little too comfortable because I said the word “fart” in my first comments to Jacoby. I do apologize if I offended anyone! (I’m sure I’ll get a call from my mom later today.) Ahhhh … but this is one of the true hazards of live TV. Sometimes you open your mouth and, surprise! “Fart” wasn’t quite the word I was intending to speak, but with the pressure of being live looming over me, sometimes, I rush to find the best word to suit what I’m trying to say.

Now, with my breakfast coffee beside me, sitting here in my pajamas with Sting singing “Fragile” in the background, I can find a better way to say what I was trying to say. So here’s my “do-over” of Jacoby’s comments last night: Jacoby makes everything look so easy and natural on him. The dances look like they just flow from his veins and the center of his being. He finds the essence of the feeling of the dance and he goes from there. And that makes them so enjoyable. He enjoys doing them, and embodies them completely, from the inside out. This in turn makes us all feel good watching him. You see, when dancers are uncomfortable in their performance, it is uncomfortable to watch. There needs to be a level of connection to the moves in order for a dancer to reach perfection in my book. The moves can’t just be moves.

You see some dancers dance as if they are speaking a foreign language phonetically. You can’t just go through the motions without an emotional connection to what you are saying with your body. This is where I believe Jacoby shines. So does Zendaya. But do they both have some work to do on their technique? Yes, they do.

Kellie Pickler is the opposite. She is an incredible technician. She has come the furthest with her attention to detail in her movements. She has the largest vocabulary of movements mastered in the ballroom and Latin techniques. Now, she just needs the emotional connection to what she is doing.

I have no fear, this will come. But it’s important to keep encouraging these performers. The race the finish is getting closer and I know they all want to win. I want to give them all the opportunity to do just that. I see some real contenders in the mix, and they are all very different, each bringing unique styles and attributes to the dance floor.

Oops, I got off track here. Well maybe not. This is after all, PEOPLE StyleWatch. And that’s what I was talking about: The different styles of the competitors this season. But back to my fashion choices: I have to thank Lance Fischer for the incredible Sultan’s Teak Earrings. They were so gorgeous! I also wore a silver cuff from our personal collection, and the flower and onyx wave rings were from Baublebox.

Oh, and I want to share a great shoe with all of you. For a glamorous shoe that will go with anything and is easy to walk and dance in, go out and get the Guess Glenisa pumps. They are $99 [Ed note: On sale for $70!] and worth it. I wear these all the time and love them. They are a good fashion staple.

Okay, it’s back to the ballroom now. Got to get my workout on, and head over to the set. It’s an elimination night. Who is it going to be?

Tell us: Who do you think will go home tonight?