The rapper is embracing her natural beauty and has a few words for any haters trying to bring her down
Cardi B/Twitter
Credit: Cardi B/Twitter

Cardi B loves her full glam looks, but right now, she's proud to be showing off her barefaced complexion.

The "WAP" rapper, 28, filmed a video of herself 20 minutes after she woke up — no false lashes or hair brush needed — and she couldn't be happier to embrace the low-key look. "When they see me doing good they try everything they can to bring me down. Talk about my face or talk about my marriage.... On the wake up, no filter, hair unbrushed IDGAF. I feel great ! And I never been afraid of showing my real self," Cardi wrote on Twitter.

In the video, also shared on Instagram, the rapper explained how great she feels without applying any beauty products.

"This is me without no makeup. No filter. You can see all the little blemishes on my face. S--- you can see my lips all chapped. I've been biting it all night. I just woke up 20 minutes ago. Didn't even brush my hair. Like I feel good!" the star said.

Cardi went on to voice her frustration with haters who try to bring her confidence down "every single time a bitch is feeling good." She said, "That don't work with me anymore."

"I just want to let y'all know that I feel comfortable in my skin, that I'm great, that I'm happy. My record is doing great and just because you got so much hatred in your heart when I do great, y'all want to put it down, you can't," Cardi continued. "Ima stay on top with this face, with this natural face, makeup or not, a bitch is doing good."

The star recently turned to Twitter to get skincare advice after sharing a photo of her "uncomfortable" acne battle which had been occurring for the past three months.

"I need ya help tho...." Cardi began in a series of posts on Twitter shared at the end of January. "I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry. I don't think these products are working. I think it's the water out here .....What are some good products for little black heads, break outs and dry skin on your face ?"

Fans started to reply, recommending skincare favorites like Cetaphil, CeraVe, and Clinique products. However, Cardi said that she'd tried them all, but they weren't right for her. "It really don't work for me," she said in response to the CeraVe cleansers and moisturizer suggestion.

She also said she bought "the whole package of Clinique" and that "it worked [a little] bit but still sometimes my face gets really dry and I'm breaking out on my chin."

The "Money" rapper then detailed how she had recently been to a dermatologist who recommended she try retinol but claimed the product made her face "burn" and dry out even more. Some fans pointed out that retinol has a "purging phase," but Cardi said she "don't got time for my face to do that."

Eventually, fellow singer Kehlani recommended New York-based esthetician Sean Garrette, who Cardi seemed interested in visiting. She later told fans, "Ok @Kehlani recommended me somebody for my face ...Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks .....I'm off this for a while ...LOVE YA."