The rapper showed her fans and followers how to make a moisturizing DIY hair mask with easy-to-find ingredients like avocados, honey, eggs and olive oil

By Hanna Flanagan
Updated June 09, 2020 06:05 PM
Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B is embracing her natural hair.

On Monday, the 27-year-old rapper showed off her healthy texture on her Instagram Story after mixing up a DIY hair mask for herself and her daughter Kulture (who turns 2 next month) using all-natural ingredients.

Cardi posted several videos of the moisturizing treatment — a combination of avocado, argan oil, mayonnaise, castor oil, olive oil, eggs, honey and banana. “I know it’s a lot of oil but my [baby’s] hair got to be really hydrated like mine,” she said.

Cardi B/Instagram

The "Press" artist did not list the measurements for each ingredient but she did share that she adds just a small amount of honey when she applies the mask to Kulture’s hair, so it’s not too sticky. Cardi also said she includes “a lot” of black castor oil and uses a blender to get rid of any avocado chunks.

"This treatment is really good for curl patterns. I don’t really have a curl pattern but my baby does,” Cardi explained on her Instagram Story while revealing Kulture's post-mask results.

Cardi B/Instagram

The star then stepped in front of the camera wearing a lavender bikini to give fans and rare look at her natural hair after applying the DIY treatment.

"Okay guys, so this is really how my hair is," Cardi said. "My hair gets like this when you blow-dry it. Then two days later it just puffs up like this, even when [I] braid it. This is my hair texture. My hair is not curly…my daughter’s hair is curly. But my s— just don’t get curly at all. It’s just straight like this."

She continued, "But I still needed moisture. It’s just a good hair mask to help your hair grow. All the good things that you put in your body, you got to put in your hair."

Cardi B/Instagram

After explaining the importance of hydrating hair masks, Cardi posted a series of throwback photos and videos of herself rocking her natural hair texture, including a baby pic.

Cardi B/Instagram
Cardi B/Instagram

On Monday night, she posted a glammed-up photo on her main Instagram feed showing the "end result" from using the mask.

In the selfie, the "Motorsport" rapper wears a mint green tube top and her freshly-treated hair is styled sleek and straight.

Cardi's Instagram Story posts — which are now saved under an Instagram Highlight called "Hair Day" — come amid nation-wide protests and social unrest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers last month.

In the wake of the tragedy that was caught on camera and quickly went viral, the rapper has spoken out against racial injustice and showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement several times on social media.

"It will literally take less than a minute of your time .THANK YOU !" she wrote on May 28, alongside information about how to demand justice for Floyd.