Cara Delevingne's makeup artist explains what went down during their glam sesh

By Jillian Ruffo
May 01, 2017 10:03 PM
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Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty

Last week, Cara Delevingne revealed her most dramatic hair change to date: a shaved head for her role in Life in a Year. And like the true risk-taker that she is, the star embraced her bald head on the biggest night in fashion — the 2017 Met Gala — by painting it silver and embellishing it with Swarovski crystals. In order to get all of the glamorous details behind Delevingne’s over-the-top glam, we spoke to the star’s makeup artist herself, Romy Soleimani, who told us what went into creating the feminine-meets-sci-fi look.

Pulling inspiration from the gunmetal and the diamanté crystals on Delevingne’s metallic Chanel suit, Soleimani painted the star’s head silver, adding crystals down the side of her face.

“Since her head is freshly shaved and a lot of people haven’t seen her that way, and there was contemplation of how to present it because Cara’s really fun,” she explains of the look, which took two hours in total. “I was playing with those old Comme des Garçons head shapes from the ‘90s, but it was also super chic and Chanel in a way. We just wanted to do something really different and fun.”

And the star, who is the face of Rimmel London, was down to go all out with her glam, Soleimani explains. “Cara was super up for it — she was excited and happy to do it,” she says, adding that she was “psyched” to hit the red carpet in her final look.

“Cara owns her look, which is awesome,” the pro says. “And it’s like that for a film that she’s doing right now, and she’s a bit of a badass. So I think she just wanted to go for it and have fun with it.”

So what exactly does one pair with a silver head? Soleimani says, “We wanted to keep her face really feminine, and she wanted it to be very feminine as well, so we did a winged, beautiful lash and liquid liner.”

The pro paired the lashy look with a dark smoky eye, mixing gray and black shadows with a ton of shimmer and highlighter. Then, she topped the look with the Rimmel black gel eyeliner to create a slight wing, and added volume to her top and bottom lashes using Rimmel’s new Shake it Fresh mascara.

And of course, the more shimmer the better, so she “used Rimmel’s highlighting pencil to highlight underneath the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye for a glowy effect.”

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