The model turned actress discusses the major beauty change she made for her latest role

By Emily Kirkpatrick
July 19, 2017 11:06 AM
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

This year seems to be all about reinvention for Cara Delevingne. Not only has she firmly transitioned out of the field that first made her famous with the premiere of her new epic, sci-fi film with Luc Besson, Valerian (although she still stars in plenty of high fashion campaigns), but she also underwent a major beauty reinvention for her subsequent role opposite Jaden Smith in Life in a Year, shaving off hertypically shoulder-length locks. But clearly that big change has paid off as it’s inspired the newly minted actress to think about her appearance in all new ways and has helped her uncover fresh means of accessorizing her bald head. But as she revealed in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, she hopes that the haircut won’t just be inspiring to her, but to all of her millions of fans as well, urging them to redefine their own conceptions of beauty.

“It was so much fun that I kind of wanted to live in Valerian for the rest of my life,” Delevingne told the publication of her latest turn on the big screen, adding, “It really didn’t feel like work at all.” But while she’s excited about her new career starting to take off, she also says, “Probably the thing I’m most passionate about at the moment is being an inspiration for young girls and the youth of today, because that is the most important thing. And whether it’s by doing a film or working with charities or doing certain docu-series, what I’m trying to do is spread positive messages.”

This echoes a sentiment she previously shared on Instagram, writing, “It’s exhausting to be told what beauty should look like. I am tired of society defining beauty for us. Strip away the clothes, Wipe Off the make up, cut off the hair. Remove all the material possessions. Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?”

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So while she may have left her days on the catwalk behind her, for now, she says, “I’m always going to be a massive fan of Karl [Lagerfeld] and Chanel,” continuing, “Dior, I’m loving at the moment — they’ve got some really amazing things. Still loving my power suits, [Thierry] Mugler. I’m also still one for my same old pair of Saint Laurent jeans and all my vintage clothes. I’ll never stop buying vintage until I die!”

And her new haircut hasn’t just changed how she thinks about beauty, it’s also changed how she dresses. “There’s a lot different things I get to wear,” she explains. “I’m preferring more to wear dresses and such, because I get to look at my femininity in a different way. The fact that there’s no upkeep, that’s my favorite part about it…In the morning, it’s still a weird feeling to kind of brush my hand past my hair. But just doing it really was liberating. The kind of power and not needing hair to be beautiful, and that was the message I really thought I needed to spread.”

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