Check out the new ink the models decided to get in honor of their close friendship

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang out out with a pair of supermodels for the day? In-demand catwalkers (and longtime BFFs) Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn recently teamed up for the latest episode of Well Dunn (Jourdan’s lifestyle and cooking show) and gave us a look into a normal night out for the two of them — in which they each ended up with matching ink.

Cara and Jourdan matching tattoos

Courtesy Jourdan Dunn

The duo first stopped by Uncle Boons, a Thai restaurant in NYC, where they discussed Cara’s various tattoos (her most recent being a dove and the words “breathe deep“) and chatted about the inspiration behind the designs they had planned for later: “It happened when I asked you to marry me. I think it was a pity ‘yes,’ but whatever,” Cara joked. “You still said yes. And then you and I would have to double up our names: Delevigne-Dunn.”

After dinner, the girls headed back to their hotel where they met with tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy, a celeb favorite (and the guy behind Selena Gomez’s latest body art). After planning out the location and design of their new ink, the models sang their way through the pain with classic hits including “God Save Our Queen,” “Kumbaya” and “A Whole New World.”
Watch the magic happen in the video below, and tell us: Would you want to hang out with these two for a day? Do you and your best friend have matching tattoos?

–John Soper