Kim, Kanye an Kris sit front row at Balmain to support Kendall. Now it's time to caption this amazing runway photo

Fashion Month has quickly turned into Kardashian month (please don’t tell them we said that). Kim and Kanye West are in Paris with baby North and momager Kris Jenner to see some shows, hit up some parties and, most importantly, cheer on Kendall Jenner. The 18-year-old rising model hit the Balmain runway Thursday, and her famous family was right there in the front row (sans North this time). And thanks to Twitter, we now have one of the best photos to come out of PFW. Study it below.

Kendall Jenner Balmain Paris Fashion Week

Courtesy Jessica Michault/Twitter

Style editors have an ongoing email chain reacting to this pic, so we decided to share some of our “captions” with you.

“I’m going to order one in every color!” thought Kris to herself. “This will be perfect for my post-Bruce breakover wardrobe!”
–Alex Apatoff, Senior Style Editor

Sophia and Jayne 2.0.
–Loni Venti, Style and Beauty Editor

“How is she breathing with that choker on,” Kim pondered, “when I’m about to pass out.”
–Jackie Fields, Writer-Reporter

“I’m NEVER letting North out of the house,” declared a very wide-eyed Kanye.
–Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor

Now it’s your turn! Got a better caption? Share it below! What do you think of the Kardashian-Jenner-Wests’ PFW tour?