Cannes 2015: Let's Celebrate This Glorious Friday with Photos of Hot Dudes in Suits

It's getting hot in here!

We’ve been spending so much time tracking the hottest gowns, best twirls and most pin-able hair moments, we want to take a minute to recognize the stylish guys who are bringing their sartorial A-game to the Cannes Film Festival. (Can you blame us?) Prepare your eyes for Colin Farrell, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy suited up in their finest selections.

Alberto Terenghi/Startraks

Alberto Terenghi/Startraks

Hear that? It’s the sound of a million hearts racing over that smize. It’s no wonder Dolce & Gabbana cast Farrell as the face of its cologne, aptly named Intenso. Here he is, looking dapper in a three-piece light gray suit by the designer, with a crisp (unbuttoned!) white shirt and dark pocket square at a photocall for The Lobster.

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Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal wins the prize for “Most Dashing Tux” (and “Most Inquisitive” with those furrowed brows) in a classic tuxedo, which he offset with a scruffy beard and shellacked hair at the opening ceremony dinner for the festival.

Tom Hardy

Alberto Terenghi/IPA/Startraks

And finally, we’re dubbing Tom Hardy’s look at the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere the best accessorized (sorry, John C. Reilly) thanks to his discrete necklace and aviators. We’re especially digging the hair.

So, who do you think suited up best? Did we leave out any of your favorite Cannes men? Share your thoughts in the comments!

–Colleen Kratofil

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