October 05, 2006 02:58 PM

Last night’s episode of Project Runway reunited the entire cast of Season Three to rehash the best and worst moments of the season. From Malan‘s laugh to Vincent‘s being “turned on” to Tim Gunn‘s vocabulary, everything was fair game for joking. The darker moments came when Keith discussed his forced departure, Angela and Jeffrey tangled once again over the mom challenge, and clips were shown of Vincent blowing up at the producers. Michael was awarded $10,000 for being the fan favorite, as voted on Bravotv.com. And of course, tantalizing clips were rolled out of the two final episodes. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
I would have rather seen another challenge or, I don’t know, the finale! This seemed kind of out of order to me, but it was amusing to see the clips. It felt like picking at old wounds to go over the whole Jeffrey/Angela fight again, but maybe this is closure for them. I am totally psyched that Michael won fan favorite- he has certainly been mine since early on.

Allison says:
Seeing Malan again (and hearing that he showed at fashion week), I am reminded how much it bothered me that the judges didn’t keep him on for longer.

Am intrigued that Vincent reads other blogs… wonder if he knows he’s called Pinenut in our house?

Next week: Charges that Jeffrey used entire sweatshop of laborers to put together his collection, including possibly Kara Saun on footwear…

Clarissa says:
The highlights: Vincent’s laundry-induced tirade (he crazy!), Tim’s vocabulary montage (I now know how to pronouce “sturm und drang”), and Bradley’s haircut. Lowlights: Yet another rehash of the Angela/Jeffrey mommy fight and the models fainting bit. In the light of all the recent too-skinny-models controversy, it seemed more disturbing than amusing. Have a cheeseburger, ladies!

Andrea says:
I agree that last night’s episode was a bit…ummm…boring. I could have done without the Jeffrey/Angela argument again. It is rather comical though that she thinks her and Jeffrey could have been friends if they met under different circumstances (yeah right!). I missed Allison though. She is definitely one of my favorites, but no one deserved the fan favorite more than Michael, he seems so nice and talented. Other than that it just seemed unnecessary. I am dying to find out who the winner is! Can we get on with it please?

Cara says:
The reunion show didn’t really bring up any major shockers (yeah, Angela and Jeffrey hate each other. Yep, Keith Michael cheated. Vincent gets turned on by breathing). Michael (sporting a new set of braces — so cute), nabbed the fan favorite award — again, not a big shock. There were only two things that really surprised me. The first was Vincent’s out-of-control arrogance. I always knew he thought highly of himself, but to go on a tirade ripping into the other designers was absolutely uncalled for. His big “this level” “I’m on another level” “they’re amateurs” speech didn’t even make any sense. I’m glad Uli put him in his place, asking him if he is so brilliant why doesn’t he have his own line already. Ha! Go Uli! And secondly… Tim Gunn owns a pair of jeans? When can we see him in them?

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