By anniedaly
Updated September 05, 2013 07:37 PM

Courtesy FameFlynet; Splash News Online

Introducing a new hash tag: #NSFFW. No, it’s not “Not Safe For Freakin’ Work” — it’s “Not Safe For Fashion Week,” and we’d like to grace these two photos with the new tag ASAP.

Let’s begin with the usually-lovely Jennifer Lopez. We get that the ’90s are back, we really do. But just because Stephanie Tanner’s favorite hair accessory is now apparently acceptable does not mean that it’s any less shocking when we actually see them in the wild.

Sure, the star is pairing hers with modern-day red lips, aviators and a stylish black top. But still. All of the chicness in the world simply cannot compensate for the fact that she is wearing a strategically-placed piece of rainbow-bright headgear on top of her mane. And that is all anyone is going to remember about this photo.

Moving on to Rihanna‘s hoops. Or, shall we say, hula hoops, because small child at a Bat Mitzvah could definitely fit in one of those things. To her credit, the singer, like J.Lo, does pair her ’90s flair with other, more contemporary style choices (bold red lip, form-fitting white tank), but she’s basically still hanging a humongous backyard toy from her ears.

And there’s nothing safe (for Fashion Week or otherwise) about that.

Tell us: What do you think of these over-the-top accessories?

–Annie Daly