The Instagram star just launched a brand new lipstick collection with Lancôme

By Jillian Ruffo
September 05, 2018 05:37 PM
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Lancome X Camila Coelho 1
Credit: Courtesy Lancome

Camila Coelho never leaves the house without applying lipstick. Whether it’s a red, nude, or something in between, the social media star is rarely seen without color on her pout — both on Instagram and off. Which is why, with over 7 million followers who swear by her style and beauty tips, it makes sense that she’s just teamed up Lancôme to launch her own lipstick collection.

Coelho says the collection, which has been in the works for over a year, was a natural move for both her and the brand. She grew up watching her mother use their products, and has been partnering with Lancôme for the past three years. Now, she’s dreamt up a full collection of shades that are inspired by her go-to lip products.

Credit: Courtesy Lancome

The collection consists of 10 lip-shaped bullets in matte and creamy finishes, which are housed in red tubes with Coelho’s name inscribed on them — marking the first time the brand has placed anyone’s name on an actual tube.

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“We have some statement colors like orange, red and a dark fun pink. But the rest of the colors are colors that will be in your bag every day,” she says. “They’ll work on everything from dark skin tones to super fair skin tones.”

Lancome x Camila Coelho x Lisa Eldridge 1
Credit: Courtesy Lancome

So aside from finding the right shades, how does she get her lips to look good all day long? Coelho is sharing her tips, below.

1. A Lip Scrub Is Always Necessary.
Definitely scrub your lips at least once a week when you’re in the shower. I use the Sugar Lip Polish but you can use your face scrub as well. That will remove dead skin cells and all of that and keep your lips beautiful.

2. Eye Cream Isn’t Just for Your Eyes.
I always apply my eye cream on my lips to avoid wrinkles. The skin under your eyes is the most sensitive area, so creams made for that area is great for your lips as well. I always put my eye cream on my lips. I learned that from my dermatologist, and it really works.

3. Lip Liner Is Your Best Friend.
A lot of people say they don’t have to use lip liner because lipsticks don’t really bleed anymore. That’s true, but the with lip liner you can get fuller-looking lips without lip injections or lip fillers. Just outline your lip a little bit with liner and apply lipstick. For the last few years a lot of people have thought I’ve gotten lip fillers, but the lip liner makes a huge difference. I recommend having one lip liner that works with every lipstick – like a brownish-nude lip liner.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Brights.
A lot of people see a red and think it’s beautiful, but they see orange and they’re scared of using it. Try just blotting it with your finger to get a hint of color, and start going deeper and deeper until you get used to it. Brights really make you look strong and confident, and it just makes such a huge difference, like an accessory for an overall look.

5. Blot for a Long-Lasting Finish
For a long-lasting finish, and a natural finish as well, always blot your lips with a tissue or with your fingers. Or for every day, if you want to use a brighter color, always blot it and it’ll look more natural.

6. Always Keep Your Go-to Shade Handy
Find your perfect nude color and always have it in your bag with you. That’s one of the reasons I did lips with Lancôme, because lipstick is my favorite product ever, and you will never see me without it. It makes such a huge difference and depending on your natural lip color, it looks so beautiful if you have a little bit of color on. My favorite nude from the collection is Parisian Nude, which you’ll wear a lot more at night because it has a grayish undertone. It’s the perfect nude color to wear with smoky eyes, or a bold eye. And Last Minute is a similar tone of nude but with a coral undertone, and that makes it more of an everyday color.

7. When In Doubt, Mix Your Own Shade
I love mixing lipsticks. Sometimes you have a beautiful color but you want it to be a little lighter so you can put a nude on top of it, or if it’s hydrating and you want to lock it in, you can apply a similar shade but in a matte finish on top. Some matte colors are drying, so it’s great to apply a creamy lipstick and one coat of matte on top.