Camila Alves McConaughey on Embracing Her Age, Date Nights with Matthew and Being Her 'Best Self'

The model, mom and entrepreneur covers Ocean Drive's November cover

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PHOTO CREDIT: Warwick Saint

Camila Alves McConaughey has achieved a lot in 35 years — and it’s just the beginning. The Brazilian-born model, mom and founder of organic baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls, is opening up in a new interview about aging, motherhood and married life. (Spoiler: She’s a total boss.)

“You get older, your body changes. You have kids, your body changes,” Alves McConaughey, 35, said in the November cover story of Ocean Drive. “And it took me to get to that mentality of ‘What’s my best self right now, with the life that I have now?’ It is very different than the life I had when I was single, and I didn’t have kids. So I’m trying to be the best person I can be today.”

Despite her list of accomplishments and zen outlook on life, Alves McConaughey maintains that she has a fiery side.

“Don’t let my calm spirit fool you. I still have my Brazilian feisty side of me. It’s the Latin in me. What I learned in being in so many cultures is understanding that nothing is really a big deal until it’s a really big deal,” she told the magazine. “Real drama will come. That’s inevitable.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Warwick Saint

The star said her work ethic was instilled in her at a young age, when she immigrated to the United States at 15 and began cleaning people’s homes without speaking a word of English. “Growing up I had to make my own way. It was not like I was going to call dad to pay the bills…I know how to take care of a house so I started cleaning houses,” Alves McConaughey said.

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She continued, “The thing that [my dad] always says is that, ‘You should never marry a man for what he has, for his status and money, because then to me you are a high-class prostitute.'”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Warwick Saint

We’re pretty sure she pleased her dad with her ultimate choice in a man: actor (and former PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive!) Matthew McConaughey, who Alves has been married to for over five years. And now three children later — they have one daughter, Vida, 7, and two sons, Levi 9, and Livingston, 4 — the longtime couple still does little things to keep their marriage fresh.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Warwick Saint

“Sometimes it’s just a staycation, taking one night at a hotel that’s 15 minutes away from your house. But you pack a backpack. You go to dinner. You get to have talks and sleep in the next day. Walk around, have breakfast and lunch together,” Alves said.

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