The star opens up about getting older and embracing it


Cameron Diaz wants to talk about aging — no matter how much of a taboo it might be in Hollywood. Lately, the 43-year-old actress has been very open about the fact that yes, she’s getting older, and she’s embracing it on multiple platforms. In this week’s Goop newsletter, Diaz opens up about the topic to a friend so close, she taught her how to use a blow-dryer: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cameron Diaz aging


While researching her book on the subject, Diaz came to a conclusion about why people seem to fear aging. “They don’t understand what it is; we only know it from what we see on the surface, not on a cellular level,” she explains in a Q&A with Paltrow. “All aging is a result of our trillions of cells aging, and once you understand the science, it gets way less scary.”

Far from being scary for Diaz, she’s she’s excited to get older, citing as reasons “What I have to offer the people around me, the wisdom I have gained through experiences I have had, and looking forward to all of the years I have ahead of me.”

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But that’s not to say she’s not taking precaution. When it comes to her own skin and body, Diaz is protecting herself — she even says that her essential beauty product is sunscreen (specifically the Colorscience SPF 30 brush). And through her research for her new book, The Longevity Book, she’s determined a few factors that she thinks lead to premature aging: “Stress, inflammation, lack of movement, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, not being connected to the people you love.”

So it’s safe to say the star is living her 40s to their fullest — so much so that if she were to customize her own neon sign, it would say: “Aging is living.”

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— Jillian Ruffo