The New England Patriots quarterback stars in a new ad for Downy DEFY Damage Conditioning Beads

By Jason Duaine Hahn
January 21, 2021 08:20 PM

If there are two words that quickly come to mind when thinking of Cam Newton, they most likely will be "fashion" and "football."

The NFL quarterback is one of the most fashion-forward athletes in sports. Dating back to his time on the Carolina Panthers, Newton has worn extravagant game day outfits that are sometimes loud, often unique, but always to the nines.

And while Newton's outfits have caught the attention of stylists and designers who want the chance to collab with him, the football star works as his own stylist, explaining that his outfits has been carefully handpicked himself.

"No disrespect to any stylist that may be out there, but I've always dressed myself and look forward to having the challenge of putting different pieces of fabrics together," the 31-year-old tells PEOPLE. "For me, I'm big on accessorizing and ever since a young age, I've always had the thought and the theory to make the outfit with your personality — make your outfit with your confidence."

"Even if another person has your outfit or a colorway or whatever, you can add a little small detail that may make it look a little different," Newton, who stars in a new ad for Downy's DEFY Damage Conditioning Beads, says.

Cam Newton
Credit: Iconic Saga, Productions
Cam Newton
Credit: Iconic Saga, Productions

Of the Downy partnership, the NFL star says, "It's always important to protect your clothes so you can have multiple wears. With that, you're able to wear different outfits, the same outfit, in the many different ways."

After leaving the Panthers, Newton joined the New England Patriots this past season following the departure of their longtime quarterback, Tom Brady.

Newton immediately made waves when, for his first regular-season game with the Pats, he showed up in a bright yellow suit with a black bowtie and wide-brim hat. He styled the ensemble with black loafers that had the word "BAM" printed on them.

"I hate to use that type of analogy, but like a murder scene and investigative the scene, you put caution tape around it," Newton explains of the bold look. "So I needed a yellow suit that cautioned the viewer of whatever it may be."

The outfit made quite the first impression with the New England crowd, and that was Newton's every intention, he says.

Cam Newton
Credit: George Pimentel/Getty; Iconic Saga

"It's all about a weekly feel. I'd never go into any situation with a blocked mind that I'm going to wear this, this specific day, especially when it's so far ahead, you just don't know how you're going to be reacting," Newton says of his fashion philosophy.

"You don't know what the vibe will be, or everything that's around your world is going to be, and more importantly, it's just about how you embrace it for the specific occasion," he adds. "I've never shied away from being unique. I never shied away from owning your personality. I never shied away from just living in the moment."

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But fashion, Newton says, isn't just for impressions and reactions. It's about learning how to express yourself and discovering a little more about who you are in the process.

"I don't necessarily have any regrets. I just laugh at it and just say, 'It didn't look the way I wanted it to look,' but at the same time, there's no such thing as losses," he says when asked if there were any outfits he wouldn't wear again. "There are only lessons. And that's on the field as well as off the field. And I just used those as mementos moving forward at the next opportunity I get to put something together."