June 02, 2008 07:15 PM


This Wednesday Eva Mendes, the face of Secret Obsession, will host an event for a new Calvin Klein fragrance. And while the actress has recently survived a rough patch in her life, her friend Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa has stuck by her through thick and through thin. At last last night’s Swarovski dinner for the 2008 CFDA nominees, the designer emphasized to PEOPLE just how special the star is. “We love her!” he says. “She’s doing a commercial for a fragrance for us. And it’s great. She’s very talented. If you have the talent, you always get picked back up and develop. And she’s terrific.” But does Eva’s life experience make her more real to customers? “She has a new sort of face for Calvin,” said Costa. “When you think about Calvin Klein, it was very much one character. But now we’re much more worldly. We’ve been working with different people. And Eva’s wonderful. She’s a gorgeous woman — she even looks beautiful in her bra!” — Jeffrey Slonim

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