The Olympian got candid in a video for her new athletic wear collection

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated July 22, 2016 05:52 PM

Courtesy H&M

It goes without saying that Caitlyn Jenner has overcome insurmountable odds in her lifetime. Whether it was going from training in a garage to winning the Olympic gold medal, or coming out as transgender as a member of reality TV’s most famous family, Jenner loves to look a challenge head on and conquer it. Case in point: She’s trying her hand at fashion design for the first time, creating a athletic apparel collection for H&M.

In the latest video for her new sportswear campaign, Caitlyn sits alone in a brick-walled room wearing a handful of pieces from her new H&M collection and discussing her biggest “victory” moments. The reality star moves chronologically though these events, beginning with the first realization that, despite struggling in childhood with dyslexia and gender issues, athletics could be an outlet for her. She says, “for me, sports was always this wonderful diversion, from myself and who I was.” She also touches on coming out as transgender to her first wife, winning Olympic gold, of course, and what she sees as the greatest accomplishment of her life, raising her children.

But back to that gold medal: Jenner jokes that she keeps it in the drawer with all of her nail polishes and tools because “that’s where it goes” — and it’s perfect for “show and tell with the kids.” She also discusses the day she shot her now iconic Vanity Fair cover, debuting herself as Caitlyn to the world: “The day I did the shoot with Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair, I had this great gown on, off the shoulder, and I looked in the mirror and I thought to myself, this is the first time I’ve ever seen myself. This person who has lived inside me all my life, there she was for the first time. Because I knew when Vanity Fair came out, everything was going to change. Gender markers, name, everything, and to be honest with you, the media threw the old Bruce right out the door, he was gone. This Caitlyn character’s a lot more interesting! And from that point on, I had to live my life as Caitlyn.”

She concludes, grinning from ear to ear, “that’s the biggest victory of all, to wake up in the morning and just be yourself.”

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–Emily Kirkpatrick