The I Feel Pretty star (and social media sensation) opens up about her best – and tipsiest – Instagrams


If you’re obsessed with Busy Philipps’ Instagram, you’re not alone. Her famous peers can’t seem to get enough either. Miley Cyrus and Julia Roberts have both told the 38-year-old actress that they’re glued to her vibrant feed and hilarious stories. So when she came by People HQ to promote her new partnership with Three Olives Rosé vodka, we asked her to do a deep dive on her own Insta and to share the stories behind some of her most captivating posts. Spoiler: She was beyond game.

While Philipps maintains she’s “not expert Instagrammer,” she is closing in on a million followers and talks to her fans daily via Insta Stories. Her No. 1 social media rule? Do you.

“How I present myself on Instagram is how I like to look,” she tells PeopleStyle in the clip above. “I’m normally not wearing makeup, and I’m normally just hanging with my kids — and that’s how I feel the most empowered.”

And that sense of self-confidence is conveyed often through her posts. While talking about her recent photo shoot for an interview with The Cut, Philipps was moved to tears over the cover photo, which she proudly posted on her feed.

“I thought this picture was really pretty and that it really captured me,” she shared. “Early on in my career, anytime I would do a photo shoot they would airbrush all of my moles off and it was something that really messed with my self-esteem, and really made me feel terrible as a young actress working in this business.”

She added: “These pictures are really awesome to me because it’s just me. For me to post the cover of a magazine I did that I’m so proud of because it just shows my skin and me is really empowering.”

Aside from photo shoots and gorgeous photos of her family, Philipps’ best friend Michelle Williams also has a frequent presence on her feed.

When Williams was nominated for a Golden Globe for her recent role in All the Money in the World, Philipps’ made sure to post a photo that showcased their close bond.

I like that she fits in my arms like a little Polly Pocket,” she shared.

Philipps has also embraced teaming with brands she likes through social media promotion like Three Olives, which recently introduced its rosé vodka. And that’s led to a few tipsy posts.

“I did a little music video to Twin Shadow’s new song that I’m obsessed with called ‘Brace.’ I’m not embarrassed by it. ”

For more insight behind Busy Philipps’ Instagram, watch the whole video above, and don’t forget to catch the star in her new film I Feel Pretty out now.