This Pullover Has the Same Cozy Features as a Typical Sweatshirt, but Is ‘Flattering and Dressier Looking’

More than 2,000 shoppers have given it a perfect 5-star rating
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If you think about your favorite closet staples, whether it’s a pair of flattering sculpting jeans or comfortable cushioned boots, the one characteristic they probably all share is functional features. Take, for example, this beloved pullover from Amazon that’s racked up more than 2,000 perfect ratings. It’s cute, of course, but it also comes with a front kangaroo pocket as well as a lightweight texture that makes it a true wardrobe essential year-round. 

The quilted pullover comes in quarter-zip and button-up styles that can each be worn on their own as a casual and cozy top, or as a layer under winter coats or over top of turtlenecks. This versatility is something that can’t easily be replicated by chunkier winter garb. 

This might be why shoppers call it an “upgraded design of a typical sweatshirt.” It comes with the same warm, easy-to-wear fit, but is amplified both in function and style. 

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! BTFBM Quilted Pullover in Navy, $15.99–$31.99;

“The neckline is very flattering and dressier looking,” said one five-star reviewer, who continued by calling the fabric “very soft and warm.”

Made with a polyester and cotton blend, the breathable layer is something shoppers say they can wear to keep warm without breaking a sweat. “It’s cozy without being too hot,” wrote another shopper. 

Along with the large front pocket that can easily store your phone, keys, and wallet, the pullover also comes with thumb holes, an underrated design feature for winter — you can text and keep your top in place all at once without exposing your hands to the cold. 

Not to mention, the quilted texture elevates the look, making the sweater appear a bit fancier than a typical pullover; you could even wear it with a pair of nice slacks. And with the variety of colors available to shop, you shouldn’t have any issue finding one that will blend in seamlessly with items you already have in your closet. 

Even better: This popular top is under $35,  a tough price to beat for winter fashion. Below, shop the pullover that, based on these rave reviews, will become your next  staple sweater before the new year. 

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! BTFBM Quilted Pullover in Dark Grey, $15.99– $31.99;

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