Bryce Dallas Howard, who has been vocal in the past about buying her own red carpet gowns, got her Cannes wardrobe from The RealReal

By Maria Pasquini
May 16, 2019 06:22 PM
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Bryce Dallas Howard doesn’t follow the Hollywood norm when it comes to red carpet dressing.

While attending the Cannes Film Festival this week, where her film Rocketman premiered on Thursday, Howard, 38, revealed that as she promotes the film, she’ll exclusively be wearing “consigned and previously owned pieces.”

“Hey online family, I’m in Cannes! You know what means… big time fancy schmancy dressing up!” she wrote on Instagram.

“I always feel conflicted when shopping for a press tour, because often these are clothes I will only wear once. In the past, since I’ve purchased rather than borrowed I realized ultimately this wasn’t an entirely sustainable practice,” she continued. “For several years now, I’ve relied on the @therealreal religiously to both buy and consign my own clothes. So for this @rocketmanmovie press tour, I challenged myself to exclusively dress in consigned and previously owned pieces.”

Alongside her note on sustainable fashion, Howard also shared several photos of her “first look,” which was purchased entirely at the consignment shop The RealReal.

Kicking things off in Cannes, Howard wore a purple button-down Marc Jacobs dress, which she accessorized with a pair of bright yellow Manolo Blahnik heels and orange Smoke x Mirrors sunglasses.

Hours later, Howard went on to share photos from her second outfit of the day, which she wore to attend Rocketman‘s premiere screening.

“This previously owned @gucci dress (and @reemacra belt) was an exciting find on @therealreal,” she wrote alongside shots of her plunging red and black Gucci dress, which she accessorized with a black Reem Acra belt.

“It’s pretty hot here at Cannes and it’s made out of cotton. I felt so badly for the fellas in suits!” she continued, adding a heartfelt tribute to the entire “Rocketman family,” including music superstar Elton John.

Bryce Dallas Howard
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Howard has been very consistent over the years when it comes to buying her own gowns right off the racks instead of working with stylists.

While attending the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards, the actress, who was nominated for her role in Black Mirror, dazzled in a berry-colored, sequined Dress the Population gown featuring a low-cut neckline and figure-hugging silhouette. She topped the head-turning design with a multicolor Irene Neuwirth necklace and a bright red lip.

Bryce Dallas Howard
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Howard is known for working without a stylist and has spoken out against sizeism in Hollywood when it comes to red carpet dressing.

“It’s when you’re not ‘sample’ size, or when you don’t have a direct relationship with a designer, or if you don’t have a lot of notice, those types of size 6 dresses just aren’t that available that much,” she shared during the 2016 awards season. “That’s the comfortable way to go through these things.”

“So, what I found is that if something is sort of last-minute, or I don’t have a good relationship with a place, then I go to Neiman’s, or I get something online,” she added.