Bryce Dallas Howard on Buying Her Red Carpet Gowns Online: 'These Types of Dresses Aren't Available' to Size Sixes

Do you love that she buys her own clothes?

Bryce Dallas Howard already proved that she’s got guts by running through the Hawaiian jungle in heels (and subsequently, weathering the heels-related backlash with good humor). And now she’s taking on the fashion industry — and looking good while doing so — by exposing exactly how difficult it is to participate in the red carpet “machine” when you aren’t sample size.

Bryce Dallas Howard buys her own dresses

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Stepping onto the Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet in a plunging Pierre Balmain gown, purchased online for $1,300 from Forward by Elyse Walker, Howard explained why she prefers to buy her own dresses rather than rely on a stylist to bring her samples.

“That’s the comfortable way to go through these things,” she says of prepping for big red carpets. “I alluded to this a little before [at the Golden Globes], but it’s when you’re not ‘sample’ size, or when you don’t have a direct relationship with a designer, or if you don’t have a lot of notice, those types of size 6 dresses just aren’t that available that much … So, what I found is that if something is sort of last-minute, or I don’t have a good relationship with a place, then I go to Neiman’s, or I get something online.”

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And buying your own clothes is certainly no barrier to sexiness — just check out the head-turning Emilio Pucci gown she bought from Neiman Marcus for the Jurassic Park premiere, or her mega-plunge from Sunday night, about which she admitted that there was some movie magic keeping everything where it was meant to be.

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“Well, I’m really taped, and I’m trying to stand up straight,” she told reporters, laughing, “and I’m touching my breasts a lot, pushing them down, and trying to make sure that the tape is still sticking, and I hope it’s not awkward for anyone.”

Also true no matter whether you buy or borrow your dress? You’re hating your heels by the end of the night. “Shoes off, of course,” Howard says of the first thing she does when she gets home. “Actually at the Golden Globes I realized that I was in my shoes for twelve hours straight, and I was like, “I’m getting stress fractures here! I definitely have stress fractures on my feet right now!”

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— Alex Apatoff, reporting by Reagan Alexander

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