Bryce Dallas Howard Calls Her Style 'If Carolyn Bessette Met Kim Kardashian'

The actress surprises us with about her celebrity style inspiration

Bryce Dallas Howard’s red carpet M.O. can be described as classically feminine with a twist (she’s a big fan of simple silhouettes mixed with fun prints and textures). But until recently, she says, she had a hard time finding stuff she loved due to the lack of size diversity in the fashion industry. That’s all changing, though, and the actress credits that change to a certain super-famous reality TV star you may or may not have heard of: Kim Kardashian.

During a recent interview at the Toronto Film Festival, the 35-year-old opened up to PEOPLE about her personal style, and the celebrities who have influenced her look in a major way. (And surprisingly, the two fall on the total opposite ends of the fame spectrum.)

“There’s a lot of women who I look up to, in terms of style,” Howard told PEOPLE at TIFF. “I am from Greenwich, Connecticut, [and] Carolyn Bessette Kennedy is someone who was just so full of grace and had impeccable style and is so beautiful.”

But then she’s also inspired by the fashion-forward looks worn by the Kardashians.

“And then I need to say as well, I really … I really love the Kardashians,” she confessed. “I think, in a way, watching the Kardashians, seeing how they dress themselves [and their body type], especially in the last few years, has been really freeing for me.”

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“And I think, in a way, it kind of influenced fashion,” she explained. “I mean, I’m just finding a lot more stuff that is made for women who are curvy.”

So if she had to sum up her personal style? “It’s like Carolyn Bessette meets Kim Kardashian,” she said, laughing, “and I don’t think they could be any more different!”

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