Bryce Dallas Howard Feels 'So Capable' After Shooting Jurassic World in Heels

See the exact pair of shoes she wore in favor of sneakers!

Running for your life through a muddy jungle in high heels? Not a problem for Bryce Dallas Howard.

Jurassic World 2015

Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Pictures

In Jurassic World, the actress stars as a no-nonsense corporate figure whose carefully crafted world begins to fall apart as the dinosaurs wreak havoc on the park. And she ends up doing everything her-costar (and eventual on-screen love interest) Chris Pratt does — only unlike him, she does it in a skirt and heels.

“I feel so capable,” says Howard, 34, who traipsed through the uneven terrain and dodged dinos in a pair of 3.5-in. nude Sam Edelman heels. “Before, I would think to myself, Oh my gosh, if I have heels on and there’s a disaster, what am I going to do? Now even if something happens and I’m in heels, I’ll be okay.”

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The star actually turned down a pair of sneakers with platform wedges (spray-painted to look like her nude heels) in favor of a pair of her trusty pumps.

“I was running through the jungle in really deep mud, and I wore those [wedged sneakers] and tweaked my ankle,” she says. “The rest of the time, I just wore heels and they were not difficult to run in at all. The whole time, I didn’t get one blister!”

What she did get? Strong calf muscles. Howard told reporters at Tuesday’s Jurassic World premiere that the secret to staying upright in heels in the jungle is that “as long as you stay on your tippy toes, it’s A-okay.”

What pair of heels could you swear is more comfortable than sneakers?

–Melody Chiu, with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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