The supermodel says she's so happy she chopped 10 inches off her hair in March

By Kate Hogan
Updated May 20, 2011 06:00 PM

Courtesy Brooklyn Decker

She shocked fans after revealing her dramatically shorter do via Twitter in March, but Brooklyn Decker has only good things to say about her new bobbed look. “I love it. I thought I was going to have that one moment of regret that you usually do when you chop off 10 inches but not one time have I ever regretted it,” the Sports Illustrated model told reporters this week at the New York City launch of Amazon’s new fashion website, But while drastic, lopping off her locks was by no means an impulse decision. “I love any change. I’ve been dying to chop it, shave it off, dye it black for forever but no one would let me do it.” And the Just Go With It star is enjoying the perks of her shorter style. “It’s so easy [and] I can’t hide behind my hair anymore which is actually kind of nice,” she admitted. “I would wear things and sort of be sloppy and because I had long hair I could cover it up, but now I have to try a little bit harder so it’s good.” So is another change in the near future? Asked if she too would go red like some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies recently have, Decker replied, “I would love to.” —Shruti Dhalwala