Man bun move over because 2016 is apparently the year of the man braid.


Man bun move over because 2016 is apparently the year of the man braid. All respect to Cary Fukunaga for bringing this luxurious male mane trend to our attention way back in 2014 when he paired his tux with a french braid at the Emmys and redefined the term “thirsty” for legions of ladies everywhere. But while Cary’s locks made some minor waves when they first debuted, Brooklyn Beckham‘s iteration of this trend is sure to unleash a tidal wave of man braids in the near future.

Brooklyn Beckham Braid Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham; Inset: Gareth Cattermole

It feels like we’ve all been fighting the slow build of this men’s hairstyle for a few years now, but as millennial gentleman continue to grow out their tresses and try out new daring styles, colors, and cuts, it only makes sense that braids would be an inevitable extension of this experimentation. Besides, as was demonstrated by the entirety of the early aughts and Justin Bieber just last month, surely any type of braid is preferable to white man cornrows.

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We’d love to see some additional angles on this hairstyle since it appears that from the front it may create a sort of faux-pompadour, essentially making Brooklyn the 21st century version of Danny Zuko. In any case, Chris Pratt better watch his french-braiding back because there’s a new master plait-er in town.

What do you think of Brooklyn Beckham’s man braid? Are you on board with this trend or do you think gentlemen everywhere should leave the braid alone?

–Emily Kirkpatrick