January 12, 2016 02:41 PM

Nothing makes you feel as instantly ancient as the realization that two of your favorite male celebrities both have children that are now old enough to be totally famous in their own right. Case in point, Brooklyn Beckham and Gabriel Day-Lewis sitting front row Monday at the Burberry show in London.

Dave Benett/Getty

Brooklyn Beckham channeled his dad David‘s sense of street style cool at the fashion show, wearing a laid-back yellow and black striped tee, Burberry peacoat, ripped skinny jeans, and Yeezy boots to truly cement his hypebeast status. Gabriel, the 20-year-old son of Daniel Day-Lewis, on the other hand, opted for something a little dressier, pairing his button-up shirt and overcoat with a pair of slim-fitting corduroys and oxfords with just a cheeky hint of ankle all in an array of neutral taupe tones. (We’ll let you share your thoughts on those eyebrows in the comments.)

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Clearly both family’s genes run strong considering these boys couldn’t look much more like their famous fathers if they were intentionally trying to dress up as their doppelgängers. The second-generation stars are certainly no stranger to the Burberry FROW but seeing them sit side-by-side really hammers home the fact that there’s a new celebrity A-list moving up through the ranks. At this point, it’s practically guaranteed that tweens everywhere will be saying, David and Daniel who? in no time flat.

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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