Brooke Shields Still Has Her Original Calvin Jeans in Her Basement: 'I'll Give It All to My Daughters'

She's saving an entire fashion archive to pass down to her daughters

Even decades after Brooke Shields’ iconic Calvin Klein ad campaign, nothing has come between the star and “her Calvins” — because they’re stored safely in her basement!

“I have an entire basement filled with archive pieces I’ll no longer wear,” she tells PEOPLE at the launch of her new QVC line, Brooke Shields Timeless. “I have my original Calvins. I have the outfit that I wore to Studio 54.”

She says a lot of pieces are “stunningly beautiful” and they’re all going to her two daughters, Rowan, 14 and Grier, 11. “The interesting thing is that my two girls have completely different aesthetics. One of them is going to want to wear them, the other is not, and they’ll figure it out and they can do with them what they want.”

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Among the many cool pieces in her archive, there was one style phase from her past that still embarrasses her.

“I had a bedazzled ’80s jean jacket that was stone-washed that my mother had had completely decked-out and bedazzled in everything Wham! and George Michael,” she shares. “And I wore it to meet him the first time at a concert, thinking that that would show my devotion to him and Wham! and looking back now it was a little excessive with the shoulder pads.”

How Brooke Shields’ Calvins Ended Up In The Met

These days she’s sticking to much more refined pieces, and designed an entire clothing and accessories collection for QVC — her first foray into fashion design.

The collection ranges in price from $29 to $109 and centers around everyday basics including an LBD, a structured and chic trench coat, comfy T-shirts and goes-with-everything jewelry.

“I wanted to design a line that had individual pieces that could go together in a myriad of different ways, but not just so that you can look the way I put it together,” she explains. “I still want women to dress for their own aesthetic and I want to help them in the process.”

Shields will make her first on-air QVC appearance on February 15 at 7 p.m. EST with the release of the first three pieces, and the entire line will launch during her segment on March 14 at 11 p.m. EST.

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